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Using the Power of Video to Streamline Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Using the Power of Video to Streamline Your Business

Using the Power of Video to Streamline Your Business

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Using the Power of Video to Streamline Your Business

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  1. Using the Power of Video to Streamline Your Business Brought to you by:

  2. Presented by: Daimon Elliott Associate Broker/Managing Partner Colorado Springs, CO

  3. Our View

  4. As well as….

  5. Overview • Marketing/Showing Videos • Move Out Inspections/”How To” Videos • Marketing Your Company • Conclusion

  6. Marketing/Showing Videos • Video Tour-should showcase and highlight amenities and give prospective tenants a general layout and scale of the property • Reduce unnecessary showings-always suggest viewing a tour prior to scheduling a showing • Attract tenants who may not be able to physically view the property-”sight-unseen” • Adds value to your service in the eyes of the owner

  7. Marketing Videos Cont. • #1 area that we have found—it cuts down your showing time • Prospective tenants are always advised to look at the video tour first. This should be a part of your pre-screening questions • Ensures that showing appointments are effective and worth our time spent out of the office

  8. Types of Video Tours • Guided Tour • Add captions to accentuate the tour • Easy to enter facts in during presentation that you may have missed • Gives a great perspective for the viewer • Recommend for your middle larger homes • Requires 2 people (guide and videographer)

  9. Types of Video Tours Cont. • Narrated Tour • Easy to do with 1 person • Can be done at the same time as a showing • Does not give the viewer the same perspective since there is not a ‘guide’ • Better for smaller homes, you don’t want to accentuate how small it is with a guide. • Need a tripod or place to set camera to do the intro. and/or conclusion if you want to be on-screen *intro. and conclusion shots can also be done in your office

  10. Move Outs. Why video over pics and written reports • If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! • Faster & more efficient. Catch things a still camera can’t. Spatial orientation-how large is the scratch, how big is the stain • Keep in touch with owners-Show them the video (OR NOT depending on how wrecked it is) • Hold tenants responsible for damages and prove it! • Cost cutting benefits-Save paper and time

  11. The Process • Start on the exterior and begin by videoing your phone. Very important to capture something that updates time automatically. Narrate address, date and time as well • Capture lawn, driveways, garage door, doors, fences • Cut video and continue inside. Keeps clips from being too long. Cut video after each level

  12. The Process • Pre-walk the property inside. This speeds up the process and helps the video become less clunky. Test all blinds, windows, cabinets, drawers, garbage disposal, doors, garage door. Check for cleanliness • Make notes as you walk the property so you can narrate findings. Leave drawers and cabinets open that need cleaning • Begin in the entry and narrate as you proceed through the home. Go slow!!! (you never know when you need to see one specific area in passing)

  13. The Process • Capture wall, floor, ceiling condition. Outlet and switch covers, blinds, windows, doors front and back. Hardwood floors can be a bit tricky but most good cameras can pick up scratches. If you have a hard time adjust your angle and this may help the camera focus • Kitchens: Capture appliance faces for scratches, dents, dings, burns. Check fridge drawers and shelves. Get counters, linoleum, tile etc. Run appliances to ensure proper operation. Begin this on pre-walk and narrate findings as you proceed through the area • Capture any paint flashing

  14. The Process • Check toilets and drains for clogs and demonstrate on video • CO Detectors!!!!!!!!!! • Furnace filters • Water heaters for leaks • Sprinkler clocks • Any items an owner leaves behind; Lawn mowers, furniture etc. • Keys, mail keys, garage door openers if left at property. • Video black light test results

  15. Helpful Tips • Narrating is very important. Mention odors, general condition of each room, repairs that will be needed for move-in • Go slow and look twice! I have overlooked a cracked door and then taken a closer look to find it • Spend time getting good footage of damaged items • When uploading to YouTube mark unlisted so that only people you give the link to can have access • Video the end time upon completion • Make notes to submit proper work orders

  16. “How To” Videos • Our “How To” videos include: -how to drain your sprinkler back-flow valve -how to prep for surrendering property (cleaning) -how to spackle -how to paint to avoid ‘flashing’

  17. Promoting Your Business • FREE Advertising! Promote yourself • Connect with your clients before you meet them. Put a face with the name • Search engine optimization and web exposure (Google owns YouTube) • We have over 12,000 Views in 4.5 Yrs. 283 Views in the last 30 Days. Sprinkler Drain video has over 1800 views alone. Views grow exponentially as you add more videos. • Build your company’s brand

  18. Attracting Viewers • Create a YouTube account • Attract “Fans” • Get people to “Like” your videos. Post links to your videos on Facebook and Twitter • Ask your clients (friends, family, vendors, etc.) to “Subscribe”

  19. Different Tools • Good HD Camera, DON’T BE CHEAP. HD picks up higher quality but takes up a lot of space. • Good light source: Flash, built-in light for camera. Better cameras may have one or provide port for external light and microphone • You can get a good camcorder for $600-$1100 • Short videos can be done on any Smartphone • Ruler or tape measure • Laser Pointer-point out things you can’t physically reach • YouTube Account • External Hard Drive for storing

  20. Final Thoughts/Questions • My Contact Information Daimon Elliott 719-323-6501 Ext. 102 Office YouTube Channel Falcon Property Solutions