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How Aussie Digital is beneficial for online shoppers? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Aussie Digital is beneficial for online shoppers?

How Aussie Digital is beneficial for online shoppers?

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How Aussie Digital is beneficial for online shoppers?

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  1. How Aussie Digital Platform Benefits The Online Shoppers? No doubt, online shopping has provided numerous benefits and advantages due to which people prefer this new way of shopping over conventional shopping system. However, there are many aspects where online shoppers face challenges while shopping online. These challenges include unknown seller, fake reviews, poor description of images, no information of products, quality issues, etc. which mainly come while purchasing from small-scale manufacture and entrepreneurs. In order to overcome these challenges and enhance the power of online buyers, Aussie Digital is developing an E-commerce Platform named as Tradezy. With this platform Aussie Digital wants to resolve the online shopping challenges as well as encourage the buyers to use cryptocurrency in the E-commerce marketplace. Here we have disused how Aussie Digital will prove beneficial for online shoppers Genuine feedback Today, there are many sellers who post fake reviews and feedbacks to influence the online shoppers for purchasing their products. But, with Aussie Digital you will not face this problem

  2. because they will provide a platform with blockchain verified escrow payment system that allows only those buyers to write reviews who actually purchase the product. This will help the customers to read genuine reviews and buy products even from relatively unknown sellers with confidence. Quality assurance The platform will not only help small business development but also ensure to deliver quality products to the buyers from the E-commerce marketplace. They have numerous tools and features that help the manufactures to focus on providing quality products instead of paying attention on handling various business responsibilities. If any quality issues or customer complaints are found then they will investigate the matter and possibly suspend the manufacture who continuously delivers inferior quality goods. Loyalty program and bonus At Aussie Digital platform, they encourage the sellers to start loyalty program to reward the customers on their purchase with points or AUDCoins. This loyalty program will save the buyers money on their next purchase with lucrative discounts, deals and offers. Easy way to search items At Tradezy platform, they provide a search bar that enables buyers to search the items they are looking for. The search bar is available on each store page so that the customers can quickly search for the items. Additionally, multiple filters will help refine your search and narrow down the products required by the customers. Support for cryptocurrencies Yes! With Aussie Digital, you can shop with cryptocurrency. The online stores available on Tradezy platform accept the well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and the platform’s own AUDcoin cryptocurrency. It means crypto users can use their crypto wallet money for shopping and also enjoy special offers and discounts on using AUDcoin. Smart contracts and escrow payments Customer can shop with full confidence and peace of mind because the payment done for each product will be held in escrow account until the customers receive their product. In this way, Aussie Digital wants to win the trust of online shoppers by assuring them that if anything goes wrong they will get their money back. The platform is powered by smart contract and blockchain technology and allows the customers to track their shipment.

  3. Enhance your purchasing power At Aussie Digital E-commerce platform you will find millions of unique products from the worldwide small scale manufactures. It means, the buyers will get great access to purchase products from anywhere, anytime from the comfort of their homes.