auto body repair and its significance n.
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Auto Body Repair and Its Significance PowerPoint Presentation
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Auto Body Repair and Its Significance

Auto Body Repair and Its Significance

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Auto Body Repair and Its Significance

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  1. Auto Body Repair and its Significance Auto body repairs are those who participate in repair of both heavy and light vehicle in the structural and the panelling way when they meet with collision. As every collision the involvement of damage is uncertain in direction and amount so the process of auto body repair varies and has its own kind of complication. And the vehicle they repair must meet the demanded of the

  2. manufacturer in their tolerances and safety specification. An auto body repairer needs the knowledge of every mechanical part of a vehicle and how they work as well as they also need to be updated with the safety restraint system (SRS) which is specific for to be fitted for modern auto body or vehicle. And after auto body repairers finish their work on a specific vehicle normally the only work left do is for a car painter to refinish their work. In auto body repair work the repairer use various machinery tools and equipment and involve in repairing modern cars of the passengers in a wide variety when they are working in a specific workshop in a specific location. In big cities like auto body repair in Vancouver the requirement of a repairer is more demandable then small cities, so the work opportunities in there are more. Auto body collision damage is normally divided in two categories one is minor collision damage and the other is major collision damage. Sometime auto body repairer need to use the both skills in a single vehicle depending on the damage. In case of major collision damage repair to diagnose the problem like direction and amount of the damage and how much structure alignment missed within the vehicle, the auto body repairer lift the car in a specialized body jig. And after that to reverse the damage within the vehicle they use the pulling force of the hydraulic pulling equipment.

  3. The repairer usually replaces the damaging structural and a non structural part of the vehicle with new sections after the alignment statue is repaired and uses various processes of welding or reverting and bonding to fit replacement. And in case of minor collision damage there is usually no structural damage i.e. only the non structural body is damage, so repairer tries to repair it or replace that part and bring the vehicle into a sustainable condition that only might need a painter’s attention. An auto body repairer needs the knowledge of various skills and machinery equipment so that they can perform and repair any kind of damage of a vehicle caused by the collision.