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Head Girl and Head Boy

Head Girl and Head Boy

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Head Girl and Head Boy

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  1. Head Girl and Head Boy Election Addresses 2013

  2. Natalia Sanchez I would love to be given the opportunity to be elected as head girl. Stringer has been a big part of my life for the past few years and as clichéd at it sounds, the experiences that I have had so far, have really helped to start shape me into the kind of person I want to be; and I don't just want to feel like I'm taking without giving back. I want to be a voice for those who feel like they don't have one. For the ones who don't always feel cool, or the ones who feel different and for the underdogs who are just waiting for someone to give them a chance, because I've been there and I've felt all those things, more so than I would have liked. And I want to feel like giving the opportunity for people like me to speak out without feeling judged. I want to show that even if you may not be the smartest, the funniest or even the most confident, if you’re willing to work hard for something and put 110% into what you do nothing is unreachable. And I think it would be amazing and I would be truly chuffed if you consider me for head girl, thank you very much.

  3. Izzy Pinchen Head girl, to me is not something that represents popularity or if you’re better than anyone else. To me head girl is about your friendship, commitment and drive to vocalise your thoughts, opinions and feelings. I think this is exactly what I can bring to the position. To many, head girl is down to one person. Personally, I think some will share my views. To me it’s about the year group speaking out and contributing to discussions, with someone to stop the squabbling and disagreements that take place. Unity is very important to me. It’s important because of my past; I’ve never had a close family, or a mum to support me but I think that’s why I’m applying to be Head Girl. Because unity is such a big part of it. I’d give it everything I’ve got. Every person who’s reading this knows me and knows that I’m there for you and willing to listen and take the time to help. Everyone’s had a past, mine maybe has been more eventful than others but I’ve turned it around. Really turned it around; and I hope you’ll consider that. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Maria Andrews I would like to apply for the role of head girl because I feel that I would really benefit from this opportunity and would be able to contribute to the school in a positive way. I have been an active member in Dorothy Stringer throughout the past (nearly) four years, and now I hope to take a more senior role in the school. As well as trying to support and improve the academic side of school, I believe that the school environment and extra curricular activities are just as important in enhancing pupils’ school experience. The main areas that I would like to address would be the canteen food, seating areas for lunch and break time, a larger variety of after school activities and of course uniform. I’d consider myself a dedicated and responsible person and have many qualities that I could offer to the role of head girl. For example I’d consider myself a social and outgoing person and therefore I feel I would have no problem in speaking on behalf of the school and the pupils. I am a sports captain, art prefect and year seven prefect and have been sports personality two years running. Because of this I have already represented the school in a variety of ways and gained experience which I could transfer to the role of head girl. I would love to be chosen as your head girl so please vote for me.

  5. Tilly Tappenden I’d love to be voted as your Head Girl - it would be a huge privilege to hold this position. I believe I have experience to fit this role, having been a sports captain for the past year. I am a strong team player in lessons, on the sports field and in the year group. Head Girl should be a good communicator and act as messenger between students and staff. Friendly, approachable and motivated, I’d work to get your opinions heard by teachers and their response back to you. I’d represent you all and believe you could trust me to take on board any suggestions, which I hope to successfully negotiate on your behalf. I’m respectful, good at listening in confidence and am a strong organiser. I love the opportunities Stringer provides, including the brilliant trips and many extra-curricular activities, which have motivated me to want to give something back by serving the school and you, my peers. For me Head Girl is the best way to do this. If I am voted, I will be committed to listening to ideas and suggestions, always happy to give up my time and will work on your behalf within the school community.

  6. Jasmine Elphick-Pooley Jazzy by name, jazzy by nature; this is why I feel that I should be head girl. Head girl is someone who is not only intelligent and shows good leadership, but also someone with charisma, witty charm and the ability to give an entertaining and engaging speech at prize giving among other events. School could be fun and groovy, with an avant-garde glow. You need a leader; someone to make that happen, and that person is me. I am also different. Different because I would not want to use this position of authority to continue in the path of my formers, but rather to make a new road to a better Dorothy Stringer. I would be beneficial in adding panache and life to the potentially monotonous routine of daily life at school, taking all of your needs, concerns and suggestions into account so that everyone was happy. Calling someone beneficial to a school system is not to be taken lightly. When I say I will be beneficial to the school system, I mean it; I do not mean I shall simply sit back and enjoy the title of head girl. I will actively strive to improve many aspects of the school: from canteens to classrooms, physics to philosophy. Thank you for reading my application, I hope that you will consider me as a candidate.

  7. Megan Williamson In structuring my response for head girl, and pondering on exactly what to say, i found myself asking three questions; What is the role of a head girl? What it would mean to me? Why I would be suitable for the role. To me, the role of head girl is one of great importance and a vital role in making Dorothy Stringer Great. Internally and Externally. It’s not someone with greater importance than other pupils, but someone with the capability to work in a team or with others and yet attain leadership and give each and every pupil equal importance whether they be a year7 or a year11. Being head girl would mean so much to me, not only for my benefit, but for the school's too! Dorothy Stringer has been so good to me over the past four years and i feel it's my job to "Give Back" not only for our generation but hopefully for pupils yet to come. Over my time here at Stringer it hasn't been an easy ride - from not so good grades to broken friendships, I have been faced with many obstacles to get to where I am today. And if I am Head Girl I want to continue this so that Stringer can continue being the wonderful school, where children can flourish!

  8. Tonika Flint Hello my name is Tonika Flint and I would like to become your Head Girl. Firstly, I would like to take on this role because I believe I have the ability, and the assets necessary for the position. I would love to be Head Girl because not only would it be a great personal achievement, but I also feel as though I could contribute to the school in a positive way. I have the capability to represent the student body and help pupils have a bigger say in our school’s community. As most of you may know I am quite shy and so to step outside my comfort zone, although scary, is something I would like to do. I think that if you gave me this chance I would perform the role of Head Girl to the best standard I could.

  9. Rhianna Catt I think I would be a good Head Girl as I think I would be a good role model because I always push myself to do the best I can in all situations, and I am very dedicated and motivated. But also I’m empathetic, so I am able to see both sides of a story, allowing me to be honest, so I can fully understand what the best decision/route to take is. But also I think I would be a good role model to those in younger years, as I think I am dedicated, determined, motivated and very tenacious, so I can show them that even in any situation, that if you try your best, and be tenacious, you can still get what you want out of school and life, and don’t just give up and give in, but learn from your mistakes.

  10. Rosy Ellis I would be a good candidate for Head Girl for several reasons. Firstly, I am reliable, hardworking and dedicated, as well as open and easy to work with. Secondly, although I’ve only been with the school since year nine, I care about Stringer as a community - I believe that as Head Girl I could take into account everyone’s opinions and views to make the school a better place. Another reason is that I have already started thinking about new ideas for the school, and I’m excited to campaign for any important issues that would make Stringer a better place for both students and staff. I understand how important these last two years of school are, and I know the pressure placed on Upper School can be hard, so I would make it my business to do everything I could to ensure the Upper School can take their GCSEs successfully. I hope you’ll consider my application; thank you very much for your time.

  11. Rajia Begum Perhaps you don’t know me very well as I joined the school in year 9. Those of you who do know me will know that I will take the role of head girl very seriously and will strive to do my best to represent the school as a whole taking all opinions into consideration. Although I may not be the most confident candidate, you have my word that I will listen to all voices and will try my best to live up to your expectations and to not disappoint anyone. I have many ambitions to fulfil in my life (this being one of them!) I would love to be Head Girl because I want to give something back to Stringer for being such a supporting, encouraging and opportunity-providing school that has provided me with the best year of my life so far and has transformed me into a strong person. It would be the biggest honour I could ever dream of getting and I will happily take on any amount of extra work, or give up my spare time to fulfil this. I will appreciate each and every vote that I get. This will mean a lot to me; thank you for reading!

  12. Yasmin Alkardi Hello my name is Yasmin Alkardi. Some of you may know me - a lot of you may not, but regardless of that hi I am Yasmin so, at least now you know me. If I was chosen as Head Girl, I would want to represent you, strive to make school better for all, as well as inspire you. I am only one of the many other students who desire to speak and act on your behalf but I can assure you that I am certainly noteworthy and different and unique like each and every one of you. I cannot do everything. I am not perfect. But I can't deny that I am a confident, determined, bubbly individual who would fight for you and your happiness. I’m friendly and approachable, and am open to any of your great ideas and suggestions that could further enhance our school community. So there is no reason why you should keep fantastic secrets to yourself! I want the student’s voice, that’s your voice, heard at Dorothy Stringer. I would relish the opportunity to work with teachers and students and would love to leave this incredible school in a year’s time, knowing that I, you, we, together have done something to change this school for the better and make Year 11 truly memorable! A vote for me is a vote for change. A vote for me is a vote for team. A vote for me can transform our future. Together we can exceed. But we can only exceed together!

  13. Sophia Dibbs The reason I would like to and think I would be a good Head Girl is because I am not perfect. My homework isn’t always handed in on time; my grades aren’t solid A’s and I don’t bring my teachers apples. But I do care about my education and am a real and honest example of what Dorothy Stringer students are like - ambitious, creative and hopeful. If I was given this chance I would not let it go to waste, but do everything I can to make the most of it and enter my new role and responsibilities with optimism and pride. Having had experience with responsibility before, such as peer mentoring and being a drama prefect, I feel I will be prepared for this opportunity and not be out of my depth. If I was given the chance to prove myself I feel I would be able to show just how much I care for Dorothy Stringer and all of its students. I realize Stringer is a place of diversity and unique people and I feel that I have the social skills and maturity to listen to and understand all their concerns. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you consider me for this role.

  14. Rachel Hubert We are all unique and it is important to respect people’s differences. I believe each person has something special to share and should have the opportunity to do so. I would love to give everyone that opportunity by being open to suggestions and willing to be their representative. Despite the differences in opinions among pupils, we have all got the freedom to express our thoughts respectfully in a positive environment. Our differences make us who we are and nothing should interfere in our development as valuable members of the school community. I am very enthusiastic about the school and want to increase awareness of all the available options it has to offer by improving the publicity of events via posters and the school website, in order to make them more accessible to everyone. I am very organised and hard working so I will try to listen to others and put forward realistic solutions. I am aware there are problems I can not change alone, but all of us together can make a difference! I hope I can make everyone's time at Stringer enjoyable by taking up this role.

  15. Henry Pike I would like to be considered for the role of your Head Boy, so that I can represent both you and the school during our last year at Stringer. I assume it won't be an easy job, but I'd like to believe that I have what it takes. I intend to represent you, the students, with honesty, compassion and an insane amount of enthusiasm whenever called upon and will work hard to ensure that our final year here is the best that it can possibly damn be. I would love to use the opportunity of becoming Head Boy to give something back to our school. I guarantee that if selected I will be a reliable Head Boy, who is determined to help the school and its pupils in any way possible whilst at the same time not losing an ounce of my silly demeanour, sense of humour and fun-loving nature; I shall work as your ambassador. Fundamentally, I love you guys and the school, and it would be a personal honour to represent you as Head Boy.  

  16. Jake Cornwall Scoones I am writing to apply for the position of Head Boy. I believe I would be suitable for the role for the following reasons.I am an outgoing and sociable person, and can engage with all age groups. For example I interact with year 7s on a weekly basis through peer mentoring. I am involved in many school activities. I have helped run SciTV since year 7, made several films used for teaching, been part of the UK Maths challenge and performed piano at school concerts. As an elected member of the Brighton and Hove Youth Council, I am organizing the first the ‘Brighton Youth Olympiad’, involving all schools in the area, with a link to the University of Sussex.  I love encouraging debate. I am one of the founders of Brighton Left Youth Collective that hosts a website, blog and radio show, providing a space for the opinions of young people. I believe Stringer students should debate some major international issues, such as climate change, sustainability, poverty and inequality. As Head Boy I will initiate an annual ‘Stringer Debate on Global Issues’, involving all year groups.Dorothy Stringer is an outstanding school, which I am proud to be a part of, and I would be honoured to serve as Head Boy.

  17. Thomas Soud Dear friends, comrades and my fellow peers. Presently a great choice stands before you - what you decide will change the fate of many lives, not only those of the applicants who stand to present themselves to you now, but of yourselves for the next year and of those who shall enter this grand school throughout its future. You have the power to make this a contest of personality, of who can run fastest, kick futurist and dance greatest. Or you could choose those who wish, who desire, who possess more than a velleity to change this school, to change your lives for the better. What can I change do you ask? Why myself over all the others who come to present you with their thousand ideas, what do I offer? The answer is that I have a vision, which I wish to enact. A vision of a school which is not run by the dictatorial rule of the teachers, but instead is a shining embodiment of the ideas set down that the young people of the world should have a voice. I pledge, in the public view today, to make this my goal if I am lucky enough to get this position. Please, I plead you, allow this sacred vision to become true and cast your vote on mine.

  18. Elliott Head-Lee I would like to be Head Boy as I feel I could give a lot to the school and the 'Stringer community'. I wasn't too sure to go for head boy, but was persuaded by my friends as they thought it was a good idea! I, over time have received over 50 positive points and no negative points which I think shows my behaviour and attitude around the school, I received the 'extra curricular service to school' cup at prize day and that is something I'm proud of, even if I get called a 'Try Hard!' My conduct in and around school has regularly been commended by teachers and peers, which is a positive attribute for the role as a senior student in school. I am a YR 7 prefect and drama prefect for the next academic year and by also becoming Head-Boy I could have lots of input into the school community and would be a good committed and dedicated Head-Boy. I am involved with lots of events both inside and outside of school from 'Take Part' to 'Dance at the Dome' regularly representing 'Stringer' and have to do so in a professional manner which is very enjoyable and fun. I am also a very sociable and fun character with a large sense of humour and positive mind. I strive to achieve the best in everything I do and by becoming Head-Boy I feel as though it would develop me, as a student even more. My SIMS picture might not be brilliant but I try to be!

  19. Harrison Gregory I think I would be a good choice for head boy because, for one I am willing to give up my time for others, I find it easy to get along with other people, and will fight for what I believe in which will mean I can voice my (and others) opinions over other people if need be. I'm confident, outgoing and positive, so I will be happy to talk to anyone about anything that bothers them or what they would like to see changed throughout the school and students lives whilst at the school. I feel that as head boy, I could be someone to rely on, and to give a fair representation of what students would want from the school.

  20. Ian Moscovici During my time at Stringer I have had lots of fun, made loads of friends and learned a bundle. I want to give something back in return for the great experience I have had. I see the best way of doing this for me, is by being your Head Boy next year. You all know me and see me as an approachable, non-judgemental character, and I will always support student ideas and put forward what is of most benefit to students and staff. I would like to be a strong visible link for anyone who does not feel comfortable in directly approaching members of staff. I want to be a representative of the pupils to the teachers and from the teachers to the pupils. Anything that you take to me in my role of Head Boy will not be ignored or dismissed and will be treated confidentially and with respect. I would hope that I could serve you and all the staff as the best Head Boy Stringer will know.

  21. Josh Ralph I would like to start with an admission. I am neither the most intelligent, most popular nor the most athletic candidate. Some of my fellow applicants are incredibly intelligent individuals, some are talented at sport and some are loved by pretty much everyone in our year and rightly so. All I can offer to you is my hard work and my willingness to listen. I want to hear what people like and don’t like about our school and change it for the better. I want people to feel like they changed something. There was some little problem with the way the school ran and their voice changed it. I would love it if you voted for me to become Head Boy, honoured if I’m honest. Becoming Head Boy or Head Girl is an important thing for any of the candidates so I urge you to vote for whoever you think is best for the job. That might be your friend, a complete stranger or maybe even me. As long as you think before you vote there are no incorrect decisions.