audit under companies act 1956 n.
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Audit under Companies Act,1956 PowerPoint Presentation
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Audit under Companies Act,1956

Audit under Companies Act,1956

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Audit under Companies Act,1956

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  1. Audit under Companies Act,1956 CA. Aseem Trivedi,FCA

  2. Company Audit • Appointment of Auditor • Removal Of Auditor • Qualifications and Disqualifications of Auditor • Rights of Auditor • Duties of Auditor • Auditor’s Report • Branch Audit • Special Audit • Divisible Profits and Dividends

  3. Appointment of Auditor

  4. Appointment of auditor First Auditor Subsequent Auditor Section 224(1) Section 224(5)

  5. First Auditor is appointed by BOD

  6. Sec. 224(5) Appointment of First Auditor (5) The first auditor or auditors of a companyshall be appointed by the Board of directors within one month of the date of registration of the company; and the auditor or auditors so appointed shall hold offices until the conclusion of the first annual general meeting: Provided that-(a) ….. (b) if the Board fails to exercise its powers under this sub-section, the company in general meetingmay appoint the first auditor or auditors.

  7. Subsequent Auditor –in AGM

  8. S. 224(1)Appt. of Subsequent Auditor Every companyshall, at each annual general meeting, appoint an auditor or auditorsto hold office from the conclusion of that meeting until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting and shall, within seven days of the appointment, give intimation thereof to every auditor so appointed 3[Provided that before any appointment or re-appointment of auditor or auditors is made by any company at any annual general meeting a written certificate shall be obtained by the company from the auditor or auditors proposed to be so appointed to the effect that the appointment or re-appointment, if made, will be in accordance with the limits specified in sub-section (1B).]

  9. If Company Fails to appoint auditor in AGM? • 3) Where at an annual general meeting no auditors are appointed or re-appointed, the Central Government may appoint a person to fill the vacancy. (4) The company shall, within seven days of the Central Government's power under sub-section (3), becoming exercisable, give notice of that fact to that Government; and, if a company fails to give such notice, the company, and every officer of the company who is in default, shall be punishable with fine which my extend to [five thousand rupees].

  10. Lets Summarise Whether First auditor appointed by board Within ione month Share holders will appoint the same in their EGM No yes

  11. Lets Summarise Whether auditor appointed by AGM Central Govt. Will Appoint the Auditor No yes

  12. Casual Vacancy in the office of the auditor

  13. Section 224(6) Casual Vacancy • (6) (a) The Board may fill any casual vacancy in the office of an auditor; but while any such vacancy continues, the remaining auditor or auditors, if any, may act: Provided where such vacancy is caused by the resignation of an auditor, the vacancy shall only be filled by the company in general meeting. (b) Any auditor appointed in a casual vacancy shall hold office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting.

  14. Appointment by Special Resolution

  15. Appointment by Special ResolutionSection 224A • (1) In the case of a company in which not less than twenty-five per cent of the subscribed share capital is held, whether singly or in any combination, by-(a) a public financial institution or a Government company or Central Government or any State Government, or(b) any financial or other institution established by any Provincial or State Act in which a State Government holds not less than fifty-one per cent of the subscribed share capital, or(c) a nationalised bank or an insurance company carrying on general insurance business,the appointment or re-appointment at each annual general meeting of an auditor or auditors shall be made by a special resolution.

  16. And if SR fails? • (2) Where any company referred to in sub-section (1) omits or fails to pass at its annual general meeting any special resolution appointing an auditor or auditors, it shall be deemed that no auditor or auditors had been appointed by the company at its annual general meeting, and thereupon the provisions of sub-section (3) of section 224 shall become applicable in relation to such company.

  17. Other Consideration- Intimation to ROC • (1A) Every auditor appointed under sub-section (1), shall within thirty days of the receipt from the company of the intimation of his appointment, inform the Registrar in writing that he has accepted or refused to accept, the appointment.]

  18. Removal of Auditor

  19. Removal of auditor Before Expiry of the term After Expiry of the Term AnyAuditor 224(2) First Auditor 224(5) Other Auditor 224(7)

  20. Removal of first auditor 224(5) provisio • Provided that-(a) the company may, at a general meeting, remove any such auditor or all or any of such auditors and appoint in his or their places any other person or persons who have been nominated for appointment by any member of the company and of whose nomination notice has been given to the members of the company not less than fourteen days before the date of the meeting; and

  21. Removal of Subsequent Auditor • Except as provided in the proviso to sub-section (5), any auditor appointed under this section may be removed from office before the expiry of his term only by the company in general meeting, after obtaining the previous approval of the Central Government in that behalf.

  22. Removal After Expiry of the term Section 224(1) • Subject to the provisions of sub-section (1B) and section 224A at any annual general meeting,] a retiring auditor, by whatsoever authority appointed, shall be re-appointed, unless-(a) he is not qualified for re-appointment; (b) he has given the company notice in writing of his unwillingness to be re-appointed; (c) a resolution has been passed at that meeting appointing somebody instead of him or providing expressly that he shall not be re-appointed; or(d) where notice has been given of an intended resolution to appoint some person or persons in the place of a retiring auditor, and by reason of the death, incapacity or disqualification of that person or of all those persons, as the case may be, the resolution cannot be proceeded with.