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Fashion Merchandising - Fashion Designing Course - Avantika University, India PowerPoint Presentation
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Fashion Merchandising - Fashion Designing Course - Avantika University, India

Fashion Merchandising - Fashion Designing Course - Avantika University, India

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Fashion Merchandising - Fashion Designing Course - Avantika University, India

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  1. Fashion Merchandising Fashion Designing Course | Avantika University

  2. Process of Fashion Merchandising Entering the field of fashion designing is not a cakewalk. A fashion professional needs to have the requisite skills to perform different roles simultaneously. Many people assume that the task of a fashion designer is just to design the garments. However, a fashion designer’s role is multi-faceted. From consultant to the marketer, a fashion designing professional needs to play several roles.

  3. Out of various tasks, fashion merchandising is one of the crucial tasks that need to be performed by a fashion designing professional. The process of launching the right fashion at the right place and time in the right quantity and quality with the right price is termed as fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising is quite a long process with several steps. These include:

  4. Range Development It is the process where a theme related to an entire range of product is selected. The range of the product may depend on the customer’s preferences and season. A range of the product is selected after carrying our market research and surveys.

  5. Fashion Forecasting Fashion forecasting refers to the process where the designers, merchandisers and manufacturers predict the fashion trends that will be ruling the market in the near future. Forecasting is done on the basis of research findings that help in deciphering customers’ needs.

  6. Design Development In this step, the fashion designers create appealing designs on the basis of the forecasts made. All the designs are created while taking care of the elements and principles of design.

  7. Sample Development Once a design has been prepared, the next step includes the creation of a sample garment. In this step, a sample size of the garment is taken and an initial pattern is made on the garment either through draping or by using the flat pattern method. Then the garment is cut and sewed and tested for manufacturing defects and its fit as well as comfort. All the problems in the garments are solved before proceeding to the next step.

  8. Sourcing Sourcing refers to the process of purchasing all the raw materials that is needed to manufacture the product/garment in bulk post its approval. In this process, the sourcing department makes a list of all the material and resources that would be needed for mass manufacturing.

  9. Production Planning Once the best sample garment made by the designer is selected, an approval for bulk production is established. However, before the actual production, the fashion professionals are required to prepare an estimate of stock, sales and purchasing along with carrying out the assortment planning. A product plan is made whereby the timelines for manufacturing as well as tentative shipping and delivery dates are planned.

  10. Buying After the products have been manufactured in the required quantity, they may be sold. Some of the retail merchandisers procure directly from the manufacturers. However, some of the retailers buy from the suppliers, who in turn buy the product from the manufacturers.

  11. Distribution After receiving the goods, the retail merchandiser may inspect them considering their design, color, quality, quantity and many other factors. Next, the goods are distributed to various retail channels and effective marketing plans are also created to boost the revenues.

  12. These were the steps that contribute to the process of fashion merchandising. Following all these steps meticulously is the key to succeed as a fashion merchandiser. At Avantika University, we train our candidates in such a way that they master the skills of fashion merchandising. Being the top design university in Madhya Pradesh, we create proficient, knowledgeable and skilled design professionals.

  13. We have a unit on ‘Fashion Merchandising’ in our Fashion Designing course whereby the candidates are made familiar with all the concepts, principles and techniques of merchandising. In this way, when the candidates enter the industry, they are able to exhibit sound skills.

  14. Conclusion Avantika University is the MIT Institute of Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique learning approach where the students are encouraged to think out of the box. Avantika University is the part of reputed MIT Pune. So, what are you waiting for? You can also fast-track your career in the field of fashion by pursuing design-centric courses from the best design university of Madhya Pradesh.