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Pastoral Issues & Effective Tutoring PowerPoint Presentation
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Pastoral Issues & Effective Tutoring

Pastoral Issues & Effective Tutoring

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Pastoral Issues & Effective Tutoring

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  1. Pastoral Issues & Effective Tutoring All teachers are called upon to challenge, support and advise their students. Truly effective tutoring, whether in a subject or in a pastoral context, is the product of qualities which make an excellent teacher.

  2. Effective Tutoring • At the end of the year, how will you know you have been a good tutor?

  3. Effective Tutoring • All students enrol at college with the intention of furthering their education. You play a vital role in enabling students to achieve this end by providing the encouragement, guidance and support which will allow each individual to fulfil their potential • The big picture – you make an essential contribution to attendance and outcomes across ALL subjects. • Progression. • Establishing positive relationships and fulfilling a variety of roles • support with dealing with the range of issues they face. • advocate, mediator, mentor, source of authority, etc. • Knowing when and where to seek advice.

  4. TOP TIPS FOR TUTORING • Reduce your stress levels by reading the paperwork and planning in advance. • Always, and from the start, challenge poor attendance vigorously. • If you have tried to sort something out with the student and it hasn’t worked, involve the parent and/or someone above you in the hierarchy. • Know where to go, and when your students should go, for further support and take them yourself. • Always try to focus on how you can raise the engagement, the self-esteem, the aspirations of the individual you are dealing with at that moment. • Invest yourself and care about your tutees, but know when the young person’s situation or needs might swallow you up. At that point, move the matter on. • Keep yourself safe – do not communicate via social media, give out personal mobile numbers, avoid holding one to ones in rooms without a glass door, etc.