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What is Avast SafeZone Browser?

This presentation will help you to know about Avast safe zone browser still you need any help call Avast customer care number 61-283206026 for more info visit our website here http://avast.antivirussupportaustralia.com

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What is Avast SafeZone Browser?

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  1. What is AvastSafeZone Browser?

  2. Avast's continuously improving features not only hold a grip over the people but also gave them an advise why to choose them over others. One such feature of Avast is SafeZone browser. It is a web browser with built-in privacy features from Avast. It works like any other browser providing you with the access. It prevents hackers, maintain and protect your privacy and make browsing a better experience.

  3. SafeZone is a web browser that runs in a sandbox, which keeps the computer system and personal data safe and secure than just running antivirus protection. But the programs which run on sandbox have limited access to system’s files which hampers them to make permanent changes.

  4. It is an added protection for online banking and shopping. With this, the user doesn't have to install additional privacy extensions and features. 1. Ad-blocking 2. Block pages with poor reputations 3. For safe transactions provides specialized browsing modes 4. Protection from unsafe content 5. Security by integrated anti-malware layers 6. Helps in comparing prices on trusted shopping websites

  5. SafeZone Browser has Bank Mode, earlier known as Pay Mode.

  6. It creates a virtual desktop which behaves as a clean and safe computer system within real time computer. Virtual desktop isolates activity from key loggers and allows the user to perform financial transactions without compromising of personal data being stolen.

  7. How to get SafeZone Browser?

  8. This feature is included when the user installs the latest version of Avast Antivirus 2016. On the desktop, a shortcut icon will appear.

  9. In case if the user already has Avast Antivirus, then accessing SafeZone is easy from the Avast Tools menu. Just go to Avast program > Tools > SafeZone. Add-ons included with this browser- By default, SafeZone browser is accompanied by online security, passwords, video downloader, ad blocker and safe price add-ons. Go to Settings icon on the top right corner to enable to disable the particular add-ons. Green color indicates enabled add-ons while grey indicates disabled add-ons.

  10. How to uninstall SafeZone

  11. If the user wants to uninstall SafeZone browser then go to your Control panel > Programs & Features > Double click on Avast > Select Modify > Uncheck the box next to the component you want to remove > Next > Finish.

  12. How to use SafeZone Browser’s add-ons? Call Avast Support Australia for better assistance. Avast’s innovative and advanced technology ensures trouble free working. However, software related issues may trouble and irritate you anytime. Avast technical support offers quick, customer friendly and affordable technical help. Our experienced and skilled professionals take care of all the related problems and provide perfect online solutions. Dial our toll-free number +61-283206026 and get in touch with the experts 24/7.

  13. If you need any tech support You can any time contact our support number +61-283206026 Original Source

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