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Tracy High Class of 2018

Tracy High Class of 2018

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Tracy High Class of 2018

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  1. Tracy High Class of 2018

  2. Tracy Unified School DistrictGraduation Requirements • English 40 Credits • Social Studies 30 Credits • Science 30 Credits • 10 Biological, 10 Physical, 10 Your Choice • Math 20 Credits • 10 must be from Algebra 1 • Fine Arts/Foreign Language 10 Credits • Physical Education 20 Credits • ALL Freshmen are required to take PE • Elective Courses 70 Credits TOTAL220 Credits In addition to the 220 Required Credits, students are also required to pass both the Language Arts and Math sections of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE).

  3. How are credits earned? • In high school, you will take six classes each year. You will be in the same six classes for the entire school year. • The school year consists of two semesters which each consist of two quarters. First and Second quarters make up the First Semester and Third and Fourth quarters make up the Second Semester. • Credits are earned based on your SEMESTER grade for a class. • Your semester grade will be calculated by using the grades you earned for the two quarters in that semester as well as the grade you earn on your semester final exam. • If your semester grade is a D or better, you will earn 5 credits for that class. • Because there are two semesters in the school year, you are able to earn 10 credits per class, for a total of 60 credits per year. • IF YOU FAIL A REQUIRED CLASS, YOU WILL NOT BE ON TRACK TO GRADUATE AND MUST MAKE UP THE DEFICIENT CREDITS. Options to make up credits are extremely limited and may not be available until your junior or senior years. DO not put yourself in this situation. Pass your classes the first time around!

  4. A-G RequirementsAll courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better in order to meet minimum requirements.Approved A-G Course List can be found in the THS Course Catalog. Courses MUST be on the approved list in order to meet requirements. • History 2 Years • English 4 Years • Mathematics 3 Years • Lab Science 2 Years • Language other than English 2 Years • Visual/Performing Art 1 Year • Elective Courses 1 Year

  5. Your Course Request Form

  6. Don’t forget the back!!!

  7. What do I do with my form? Take your Class Selection Form home and share with your parents. Please fill in all areas on your form. We are not able to accept incomplete forms. Read the Instructions carefully. If Teacher Signature is required, do not wait until the last minute to ask your teacher to sign. You will find Course Titles and Numbers on the supplied 9th Grade Course Choices Sheet. You may only choose classes listed on that form. Choose your Electives carefully. You will not be able to change your mind later. If you plan to play a sport, consider selecting CORE 9 Athletics PE (#9401). Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed a spot, but if you do not select it, you are guaranteed to NOT have a spot. Remember to select and list your three (3) Alternates choices. There is a chance you will end up in one of your alternate courses. Let us know if you plan to play a sport by listing it on the form, as indicated. Listing a sport does not commit you to join the sport nor does it guarantee you will make the team. This is for our information only. You and your parent both need to sign the bottom of the front side of the form. On the back of the form, there are three plans for you to select from. PICK ONE PLAN. Be sure to review requirements for your selected plan. Don’t forget to research recommended websites. You and your parents must also sign the back of the form. Don’t forget!

  8. What happens next? • Counselors will be back next week to collect your COMPLETED FORM. Remember, if it is incomplete, we will not collect it. • If you lose your form and need a new one, you can print one out by going on Tracy High School’s Website. • If you are applying to the Ag Science Academy, remember that you CANNOT register for Ag Academy classes yet. If you are accepted, your counselor will automatically make the necessary adjustments to your classes. • Your parents will receive paperwork over the summer with information about Freshmen Registration and Orientation that will take place in August. • You will receive your Class Schedule at Freshmen Registration/Orientation. • If you are not able to attend, you will go through the process on the first day of school. • Enjoy your summer and rest up for the beginning of your high school years! 