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Wh Question words

Wh Question words

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Wh Question words

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  1. Wh Question words Considered as adverbs in the correct grammar sense but also as pronouns, adjectives and exclamations in some cases.

  2. The use of Wh question words We use Wh question words to give specific information concerning specific requests. We call them Wh question words because those specific adverbs begin with the letters Wh. There are 6 Wh words. There is also the adverb How that is also considered as a specific question words but not a Wh word.

  3. The Wh question words generally used There are 6 Wh question words. Each one expresses a specific notion or answer which is specified in the question. Those words are When Why Who Which What Where

  4. WHAT What is used in a question to express a notion about something or the nature of that thing. It refers to an object, a pastime or hobby, a sport, a quality, to enumerate only a few. But it never refers to a person. In using what we are looking for a thing What color is your shirt? What time is it ? What is your telephone number ? What is your favourite dish?

  5. WHERE Where is used in a question to express a specific place, a specific address that the person wants to know. It can also be used to know the intention of one’s moving or traveling. Where are you moving to ? Where do you live? Where are you going on you vacation ? Where do you play golf ?

  6. WHEN When is used in a question to express what a person wants to know about the specific time or moment of an action that is occurring or that has occurred. When were you born ? When are you going to school ? When was the Second World War fought ? When did you get married ?

  7. WHY Why is used in a question to refer to the reason of an occurred action or event. It also refers to the cause of the occurred event or action. This event or action has been done or is taking place. Past tense and compound verbs are used in the question. Why did you break this window ? Why were you late ? Why are you skating ? Why are you crying ?

  8. Who Who is used in a question to refer to a person (subject ) that is doing an action. Who can only be used in questions requesting the name of a person. Who is this Doctor ? Who is she ? Who did you talk to yesterday ? Who is the new student ?

  9. WHICH Which is used in a question to express a choice or a preference about the likes and dislikes of a person. Often, in the question, the person will have the choice of two or more things. Which do you prefer in your coffee, milk or cream ? Which colours do you want for your bedroom ?

  10. HOW How is known as being an adverb. Nevertheless, it is still used as a question word. In the question it expresses the manner in which an action is done, a person is feeling and/or a means of transportation. How are you feeling today ? How can you run 10 miles without being tired ? How are you going to the party tonight ?

  11. ADVERBS ????? The adverbs How and What are also considered in specific cases as pronouns, adjectives and exclamations depending on how they are used. It is not important to know how to analyse them in a sentence. But it is important to know how to recognize them in a sentence What and How can be matched either with a preposition, an adjective, an adverb or simply used with an exclamation mark. The following charts show you those different notions.

  12. Finally you can see that a large range of possibilities exist in the use of Wh question words. Now it is up to you to practice those words in order to master them:

  13. Now for exercising!!! Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3