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Giovanni Bellini By: Christine Guillaume PowerPoint Presentation
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Giovanni Bellini By: Christine Guillaume

Giovanni Bellini By: Christine Guillaume

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Giovanni Bellini By: Christine Guillaume

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  1. Giovanni Bellini By: Christine Guillaume

  2. The Life of Giovanni Bellini • Giovanni Bellini was born in 1430 in Venice an Italian Renaisspaintr, • His father was named Jacopo Bellini, he was a painter while the Renaissance and also a teacher • The Bellini family painters was the most powerful name while the Renaissance • Giovanni had a brother named Gentile Bellini who was also a painter and ran the family’s workshop • Giovanni was a Roman Catholic

  3. Giovanni’s skills • Giovanni began to paint in oil when a painter named Antonello De Messina came to visit his work • Messina had a key role of introducing oil paintings to the Venetians, they loves paintings in vivid color • This opportunity helped Bellini’s religious work got a new life • Giovanni was famous for bringing details in his landscape background • Giovanni went to paintworks so he could describe a stylistic transition into the High Renaissance • In Venice, Giovanni accomplished many works which were religious in subject matter including portraits

  4. Giovanni Bellini • Before Giovanni was famous he was an apprentice in his dad’s workshop • Giovanni’s painting have a hazy warm light • His paints are made by oil, light and shade gives the paintings a softening effect • His paintings are mostly are about religions and was very good at landscapes • He became a one of the greatest painters while the renaissance • He has many famous paintings

  5. The feast of the Gods • The painting was made of oil by Giovanni Bellini and Titian in 1514-1529 • In this painting Jupiter,Silenus,Bacchus,Silvanus,Mercury,Persephone,Pan,Neptune,ceres,Apollo,Priapus,and Lotis were all were all in it • In this picture showed all the gods having a feast in a forest • This painting was Giovanni’s last great painting • The theme “The Feast "was from a classical poem by Ovid who tells origin of many ancient Rome’s rites and Festival • These gods are upon 3 nymphs of streams,brooks,two satyrs

  6. Agony in the Garden • This painting was made by Giovanni Bellini in 1465 • This painting shows Jesus and disciples on Mountain of Olives and Jesus is praying while his disciples are sleeping • The disciple names are John,Peter and James • While Jesus was praying God sent an Angel to give Jesus strength • While Jesus was praying Judas and Roman soldiers are approaching to come get and Crucify Jesus • This story will be found in the Bible at Matthew 26:39

  7. The Drunken Noah • This painting was made in 1515 by Giovanni Bellini • This painting was made by Oil • Noah was drunk and the grapes, cup and him fell on the floor • His son Ham was laughing because Noah was clothes less • Shem and Japheth were trying to help • Noah was bathed in a curious golden glow which indicated that he had drunken sleep