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South Carolina

South Carolina. Advancing Careers in Manufacturing. South Carolina. Engaging, educating and employing people in advanced manufacturing careers. Advanced manufacturing is the process of mass producing products on demand, using the latest science and technology to maintain efficiency. .

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South Carolina

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  1. South Carolina Advancing Careers in Manufacturing

  2. South Carolina Engaging, educating and employing people in advanced manufacturing careers. Advanced manufacturing is the process of mass producing products on demand, using the latest science and technology to maintain efficiency.

  3. Partners Manufacturers of all sizes SCMA: SC Manufacturers Alliance SCMEP: SC Manufacturers Extension Partnership Regional Education Centers: Education & Economic Development Act (EEDA) or Personal Pathways School Districts Career and Technology Centers Workforce Investment Boards/One Stops readySC & Apprenticeship Carolina Economic Development Organizations SC Department of Commerce Spartanburg Community College USC Upstate

  4. Manufacturing Careers Campaign • Promotes understanding of advanced, high-tech manufacturing; • Promotes a modern image of manufacturing; • Promotes strong, regional, cluster-oriented, pro-manufacturing partnerships among local business, political, education, and civic leaders, and economic developers.

  5. The Challenges • Even at the height of the global recession, 32% of surveyed companies reported moderate to serious skills shortages in hiring. • Contributing to our workforce challenges are: • Demographics: We have an aging workforce. • Technology: Advanced manufacturing requires advanced skill sets. • Education: Our global competitors continue to surpass the US educational system in producing a high-volume, high-quality technical workforce. Source: People and Profitability—A Time for Change

  6. 71% of American’s feel manufacturing is the backbone of our economy, but only 30% of parents will recommend manufacturing careers to their children, and only 17% of students consider it. Perception

  7. Reality Manufacturing #2 SC employment sector ~ second only to retail The average manufacturing wage of $46,192 is more than 27% above the statewide average.

  8. Upstate Business Survey ResultsJuly 2010 • 97% will maintain or expand Business Operations over next 2 years • 88% will maintain or grow Workforce Size over next 2 years • #1 Challenge in making them successful: maintaining the skills of their workforce

  9. SC Advanced Manufacturing Careers • Engineers • Numerical Tool and Process Control Programmers • Operations and Production Managers • Software Developers and Systems Analysts • Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialists • Industrial Engineering Technicians • Industrial Machinery Mechanics • Machinists • Operations Specialists • CNC Operators

  10. STEM, The Building Blocks to Manufacturing: • Educators in Industry Course will promote careers in advanced manufacturing by providing teachers with training in ITEEA curriculum for Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and providing them with workforce needs and job opportunities through industry tours and speakers in the manufacturing cluster.

  11. Upstate STEM Institute • Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union County Schools are sending teams of teachers to BMW on July 25 to tour and hear from Manufacturing leaders about workforce needs in our region. The afternoon will be at Milliken Research Center hosted by Richard Dillard. • Experts from ITEEA will train the teachers on July 26 and 27 at the George Dean Johnson School of Business how to implement this hands on, minds on curriculum into our classrooms.

  12. Upstate STEM Institute Upstate STEM Institute July 25-27 Based on Engineering byDesign™ (EbD)A Standards-Based Model Program • "The Engineering byDesign™ Program is built on the belief that the ingenuity of children is untapped, unrealized potential that, when properly motivated, will lead to the next generation of technologists, innovators, designers, and engineers."

  13. Education should be the cornerstone in terms of helping students to be creative problem solvers while, at the same time, helping to shape their futures. Real-Life Problem Solving Students compete in the Supermileage Challenge – a real-life problem-solving contest in which they attempt to create the most fuel-efficient vehicle possible.

  14. STEM education is important if we are to have a society that is to thrive, contribute in a meaningful way towards building our own future, and provide students with a desire to achieve. No school subject unleashes the spirit of innovation like technology and engineering education. The Spirit of Innovation

  15. Creating Standards An NSF/NASA-funded standards project was used to identify what students should know and be able to do to become technologically literate.

  16. Real-Life Problem Solving Such problems may range from the evolution of new farming equipment to safer drinking water or food to electric vehicles and faster microchips. Students must be able to apply their knowledge to improve people’s lives in meaningful ways.

  17. Elementary teachers teach about technology and engineering through integrated activities that are a part of their daily curriculum. Technology and Engineering in the Earliest Grades

  18. Soft Skills • Along with providing curriculum training, industry tours, and an understanding of workforce needs, we will also provide teachers, counselors, and parents with the workforce soft skills needed to be successful.

  19. USC Professor Dr. Richard Nagle Soft Skills Study 1. Work ethic 2. Attitude/enthusiasm 3. On-time/attendance/dependability 4. Interpersonal skills 5. Basic English skills/writing/language/reading comprehension 6. Math skills/applied measurement 7. Communication 8. Teamwork 9. Customer service/business etiquette 10. Initiative/implementing or presenting ideas

  20. Work Ethic and Attitude 11. Problem-solving/critical thinking 12. Adaptability/flexibility 13. Accountability/meeting deadlines 14. Integrity/loyalty 15. Diversity awareness/getting along with different groups The most commonly mentioned soft skill was work ethic. As described by participants, work ethic is a multi-dimensional concept which includes a number of behaviors such as “coming to work,” having “pride in what they do,” and “giving an honest day's work.” Among the most important soft skills are work-related behaviors dealing with attitude, dependability, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and communication. Many participants specifically mentioned the importance of attitude, as evidenced by the statement, “Everything begins with attitude,”

  21. Other components of our Dream It Do It plan • Workkeys Assessments for students for interest into the MSSC Certification program on Saturday May 14th. • High school seniors will sign up to come to SCC to take the assessment and hear about the MSSC Certification and job opportunities.

  22. DIDI Student Awards DIDI Student Awards will provide scholarships to high school students attending Spartanburg Community College enrolling in the manufacturing degree paths. High school students meeting the technical scholars program will be a strong consideration.

  23. Communication Plan • Upstate REC Coordinator, • Cherie B. Pressley will be providing workshops in the libraries, agencies, schools and community forums to inform of the need and opportunities. • A DIDISC website is being developed. • A catalog is being published for distribution to counselors and parents of the job needs and educational needs for these jobs.

  24. Upstate STEM InstituteDeveloping a foundation for Manufacturing

  25. Business involvement is critical to success in education and the future of our local workforce!

  26. Business + Education Partnerships • Examples of programs: • Host student tours in manufacturing facilities • Visit classrooms + contribute to the students’ curriculum • Participate in Job Fairs/Product Showcases • Provide Student Internships and Apprenticeships • Engage Teacher Interns • Host training for educators • Contact: • TechReadySC: www.techreadysc.org • Local colleges: http://www.sctechsystem.com/colleges.html • Local RECs: http://personalpathways.sc.gov/ Upstate • Your local Chamber of Commerce

  27. Business Education Partnerships

  28. Dream It Do It Partner CommitteeCherie Pressley Upstate Regional Education Center Ryan Childers BMW Manufacturing Co.. Ann Angermeier, Executive Director, Upstate WIB Jim Cook, Cherokee, County Development Board Johnny Lynn Crosby, Upstate WIB Kathy Edge, Upstate Regional Career Specialist Toney Farr, Exec. Director of SCOIS Mike Forrester, Economic Development for Spartanburg Community College Beth Fowler, Upstate WIB, Union County Office Dr. Rick Kalk, Spartanburg School District Five Cynthia Lister, Spartanburg Community College Carter Smith, Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce

  29. Want to get involved? Please fill out the partnership form on your table before you leave today!

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