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how to build solar panels!

Learn the basics of planning a home solar panel system. Its easier than you think. Looking for more information? Visit my site on how to build solar panels.

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how to build solar panels!

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  1. How To Make a Solar Panel Step by Step

  2. This is going to be an introduction on How To Make Solar Panels Step by Step. This Article is the first in a series That Will Walk you through the basic steps of building solar panels cheaply and efficiently with your own two hands.

  3. Like I said this is the introduction; so below were going to cover the basic steps and Each step will link to a more in depth walk through of that step as they become available.

  4. Step 1 • The first part of building a solar panel step by step is knowing that solar panels are actually needed for what you are trying to accomplish. If you are just trying to cut a few dollar off your electric bill each month then you should forget about solar panels made at home.

  5. You are much better off seeing my information on cheap ways to save some cash at home. Building solar panels at home are cheap yeah; but it is much more efficient to make some small changes in your home to save a few buck than to build your own solar panels.

  6. Step 2 • Figure out how much energy you are capable of producing for your location. Different levels of solar radiation fall in different locations so it is important to know how many solar panels you need to produce the amount of power that you need.

  7. There is a pretty significant difference in how many solar panels and what size you will need if you live in Florida and if you live in, let's say Antarctica. So you should always take your location into account when you are planning out your home built solar panels.

  8. Step 3 • You should get a good idea of how much energy you want your solar panels to generate. You can do this by looking at the labels of your major appliances and seeing how much energy they consume. Every TV, refrigerator, or other household item should have a label describing its energy usage

  9. ITs also a good idea to understand how to read your electric meter. You can simply compare your usage from the start of one week to the start of the next and use that as a simple way to calculate how much energy you will need to produce on average.

  10. Step 4 • Taking what you learned from the last step you should have an idea of how much space you will need for your planned home built solar panels. You now need to decide on where the best place to put them is. Keep in mind that shadows move throughout the day and solar panels dont generate nearly as much power in the shade.

  11. Step 5 • Step 5 is the most important step of them all. You need to know how to make a solar panel step by step. So far this is just a plan to get you prepared and so you know what you will need. But the real nuts and bolts of the project are still under wraps. You need a good guide to walk you through building the panels wiring together their components and getting them hooked into the house.

  12. So why not head on over to our home page and take a look at our top DIY solar panel guidereviews.

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