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IEEE 學術研究與交流環境綜觀 PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE 學術研究與交流環境綜觀

IEEE 學術研究與交流環境綜觀

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IEEE 學術研究與交流環境綜觀

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  1. IEEE學術研究與交流環境綜觀 李箐 IEEE中國區資訊經理

  2. 目錄 • IEEEHistory • IEEE Student Resources • IEEE Membership

  3. Today’s IEEE 非盈利組織,全球最大的技術行業協會,成員遍佈 160多個國家地區,會員超過40萬人。

  4. Thomas A. Edison American Institute of Electrical Engineers Founding officers of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1884: Alexander Graham Bell

  5. 1912 Radio telegraph operators’communications with thesinking Titanic demonstratedthe power of radio Guglielmo Marconi The Institute of Radio Engineers Founding member of the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1912:

  6. AIEE + IRE = IEEE The badge of the new IEEEcombined the right hand rulefrom the IRE with the kite fromthe AIEE 1962 Symposium on the proposedmerger, IRE National Convention Special merger issue of theProceedings of the IRE The idea that there should be one organization for all electrical engineers was an old one, and became more powerful as the profession expanded beyond its separate roots in power and radio. In 1962, the boards and memberships of the two institutes agreed to merge. On January 1, 1963, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers was born with 150,000 members.

  7. Engineer of 2020 Initiative National Academy of Engineering, 2004, “The engineer of 2020: visions of engineering in the new century” • To remain competitive in a financially uncertain and rapidly changing global economy, engineering companies and businesses need a workforce that is not only technically competent, but that is also broadly knowledgeable, adaptable, and nimble. • Emphasize key skills such as leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and managing change.

  8. IEEE spans societal, global and professional contexts of engineeringHow?

  9. IEEE Resource#1 –Professional Networking • Involvement in IEEE Societies, Sections and Chapters • 1,500 IEEE Student Branches worldwide • Participation in IEEE GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) and Women in Engineering • 1000+ conferences per year • IEEE MemberNet, MentorNet, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

  10. IEEE Societies IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society IEEE Magnetics Society IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society IEEE Photonics Society IEEE Power Electronics Society IEEE Power and Energy Society IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society IEEE Professional Communications Society IEEE Reliability Society IEEE Robotics and Automation Society IEEE Signal Processing Society IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society IEEE Vehicular Technology Society IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society IEEE Broadcast Technology Society IEEE Circuits and Systems Society IEEE Communications Society IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society IEEE Computational Intelligence Society IEEE Computer Society IEEE Consumer Electronics Society IEEE Control Systems Society IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society IEEE Education Society IEEE Electron Devices Society IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society IEEE Industrial Electronics Society IEEE Industry Applications Society IEEE Information Theory Society

  11. IEEE Student Branches

  12. IEEE promotes student entrepreneurship

  13. Ken Elkabany Co-founder/CTO, PiCloud Berkeley Chair ‘07-’08 Roger Ying Founder/CEO, Pandai UCSD Chair ‘06-’07 Joe Schlesinger Founder/CEO, Arcbotics WPI Chair ‘09-’10 Priyanka Reddy Co-founder/CTO, WeMakeItSafer Berkeley Chair ‘09-’10

  14. IEEE Affinity Groups • IEEE Affinity Groups are non-technical Subunits of one or more Sections or a Council. An Affinity Group is a Local Unit of an IEEE Organizational Unit or Standing Committee, established by petition to the Parent Organizational Unit, to fulfill the purposes of IEEE. • Consultants Network • Graduates of the Last Decade • Life Members • Women in Engineering


  16. IEEE Resource #2 –IEEE Jobsite

  17. Connect with Industry Leaders “If you control an industry’s standards, you control it lock, stock and ledger.” “Standardization programs offer one of the best, most important means to evaluate current technology and provide a glimpse of where future technology innovations may occur. The Strategic Value of Standards Education A Global Survey conducted by the Center for Global Standards Analysis

  18. IEEE Mini-Grants and Student Application Papers • SEC is offering Mini-Grants to students and faculty mentors • Help with graduate and undergraduate last-year design projects that contain an industry standards component • $500 grants for students • $300 grants for faculty advisors

  19. IEEE Resource #3 –Free Webinars • Spectrum 免費講座,涉及最新科技: • Communication Society 免費講座,涉及通信領域熱門技術: • GOLDAffinity Group ,涉及職業發展,人文,科技等內容: • 加入志願者虛擬社團,獲得行業最新諮詢: • Computer Society •

  20. IEEE Resource #4Recognition by those respected in your field • Leadership experience w/in an IEEE Student Branch • IEEE Student Branch awards • IEEE student competitions (Xtreme Programming, President’s Challenge) • Scholarships, fellowships, travel grants, paper competitions • Paper and poster presentations at IEEE conferences • Publishing, reviewing, editing IEEE publications • IEEE member grade advancement • Medal of Honor, Medals, Technical Field Awards, Corporate Recognitions, Service Awards, Prize Papers…

  21. More Resources For You • IEEE Fellowship/Scholarship • IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Fellowship  • IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Conference Travel Grants  • IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Summer Research Grant  • IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society Graduate Fellowship for Research on Electronic Packaging  • IEEE Computer Society Merwin Scholarship • IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society Graduate Student • IEEE Electron Devices Society Graduate Student Fellowship • …… • IEEE Competitions • Presidents' Change the World Competition • IEEE Computer Society Simulator Design Competition • Student paper contest • ……

  22. Related IEEE Programs • Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) • Engineering for Change • IEEE Xtreme 24-Hour Programming Competition • IEEE Presidents’ Change the World All programs driven by students and recent graduates…

  23. IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition • What is it? • IEEEXtreme is a worldwide contest in which teams of students compete over a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems • Who participates? • Teams of 2-3 students/graduate students and their proctors • Why is it unique? • Worldwide, simultaneous! • International bragging rights • Top prize is a trip anywhere in the world to the IEEE event of the top team’s choice

  24. Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS): EPICS in IEEE provides communities with much-needed solutions and a source of assistance and hope. Belgium Construction of Solar Cells to meet basic needs of an orphanage United States Sensors to measure air quality in cities India Synchronous traffic control system for emergency vehicles South Africa Alternative Energy Installation of Wind Turbines Argentina IP telephony system implementation

  25. IEEE President’s Change the World Competition • Global Student Contest • The goal: identify a real-world problem and apply engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to solve it.  • Submit projects in the fall This Grand Prize winner for 2012 is the team: Clean Water: Transforming a Natural Disaster into a Natural Resource from the University of Oxford. The winning team received their award at the 2012 IEEE Honors Ceremony in Boston, MA and a check for US$10,000.

  26. IEEE會員級別 • Student Member學生會員升級為會員 學生會員主要面向專業為IEEE所涉及學術領域的廣大本科生和研究生。學生會員畢業後,其學生會員資格隨之終止,根據實際情況升級至相應會員等級。 • Member准會員升級為會員 如在IEEE所涉及的學科領域具有六年以上的教育和工作經歷,可申請升級為會員。線上申請請登陸Associate to Member。 • Senior Member 高級會員 升級為高級會員要求申請者需是IEEE相關領域的工程師、科學家、教師、技術主管或發明家,從業經驗需達到十年,並在其中五年有傑出表現。線上申請請登入 Senior Member Grade。 • Fellow 會士 在IEEE所涉及的各個行業領域做出傑出成績和突出貢獻的人經過評審,IEEE董事會會授予其會士稱號。更多相關資訊,請登入 Fellow Program。 • Life Member / Fellow終身會員 終身會員需要同時滿足以下兩個條件:1.會員年齡需達到65歲;2. 會員年齡和其成為IEEE會員的年數之和需大於100。更多相關資訊,請登陸Life Member Program。

  27. 李箐IEEE Client Services/UPP