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  1. ANTAH HEALTHCARE GROUP Main Office at 3, Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya. Branch offices at Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru, Sabah & Sarawak.

  2. Antah HealthCare Group Sdn. Bhd.

  3. OUR VISION Our goal is to fulfil our customer’s needs and surpass their expectations. We believe in continuous improvement to achieve the highest standards. Quality service is our competitive advantage & our success is built on quality output through team efforts. OUR MISSION We strive for quality standard that encompasses all properties of products or service resulting in satisfied customers.

  4. ANTAH SRI RADIN SDN. BHD. Sales & distribution of quality HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT

  5. BUSINESS UNIT A Air Safety Limited UK Complete filter range Bicakcilar Turkey Full range of disposable catheters - suction catheters, thoracic catheters, urimeter, 3-way stopcock, instopper, yankauer suction handle, pleural drainage system. Medical Devices Germany Laryngoscope, fiber optic blades, conventional blades, McCoy flexible tip, disposable fiber optic, laryngoscope Hirtz & Co. Germany Patient warming system - hico-variotherm 550, hico- aquatherm 660, hico-hypotherm 680, warming mattress Medi tech Systems UK Airway management products Tracoe Germany Tracheostomy tubes - traco vario adjustable, traco twist, traco comfort Sumi Poland Upper airway management products, endotracheal tube, double lumen tubes Swann Morton UK Scalpel blades and handle - PM40, retractable disposable scalpel, skin graft handle, stitch-cutters, blade remover, micro surgical blades Swaromed Austria ECG electrodes, universal all-purpose disposable electrodes PE foam - adult, universal all-purpose disposable electrodes PE foam - pediatric, stress test - short and long term monitoring, sterile venous catheter fixation

  6. BUSINESS UNIT B Anetic Aid UK Patient transfer trolley of variable heights, AET/APT tourniquets and accessories Bicakcilar Turkey Patient transport stretchers, otolaryngology chairs, blood donor chairs, gynecological examination tables Ectron UK ECT machines Eschmann UK Table-top autoclaves (STD & VAC), suction units - portable & mobile Gowllands UK Diagnostic equipment Hanshin Korea Electrical vacuum extractors, electric cast cutter, UV sterilisers Kirsch Germany Laboratory refrigerators and freezers, blood bank refrigerators, blood plasma freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers Meber Italy Emergency patient handling / rescue equipment Medical Industries USA Nebulizer systems, CPAP machine, portable and ACDC aspirators Midmark USA Full range of hospital furniture, examination tables, ENT examination tables, surgical stools Oxylitre UK Medical flowmeters, pipeline suction equipment, mobile electric suction pump, standard medical regulators, compact machine regulators and pain relief unit (Entonox) SCI CAN Canada Portable autoclave, instrument washer, water distiller T.Med Malaysia Hospital beds, lockers, overbed tables, trolleys Mobile high performance suction unit Oxylitre Medical flowmeters & ipeline suction range Medical Industries Nebulizer / Compressor for adults & children

  7. BUSINESS UNIT C AKAS India Syringes & infusion pumps Aurion Italy Multi-functional hospital trolleys - multi configurations for areas of emergency, medication, utility anaesthesia, X-ray department and user-defined combinations CAS Med. System USA NIBP monitors, vital signs monitor Digicare USA Pulse oximeters Hanshin Korea Fetal dopplers IMS Italy X-ray systems Lohmeier Germany Comprehensive monitoring equipment for OT, ICU & wards Medix Argentina Intensive care incubators, infant warmer systems, transport incubator Olympic Medical USA Sterile dryer, pasteurmatic compact washers Summit Industries USA Image Plus II - X-ray unit Suzric Taiwan Ripple mattress, bubble and cell series

  8. BUSINESS UNIT F Arjo Wiggins France Sterilisation wrapping papers Rocket Medical UK Surgical instruments Ruhof USA Enzymatic cleaning agents for instruments Shulke & Mayr Germany Instruments, surface & hand disinfectant Wipak Finland Sterilisation packaging products Zepf Germany Full range of surgical instruments

  9. Surgical Footwear BUSINESS UNIT Q Eschmann UK Operating table, OT light & electro-surgical units Fiab Italy Electrosurgical accessories Prima UK Electro-surgical accessories Spenco USA ‘2nd Skin’ wound healing products Surgitex UK Surgical gowns, surgical shoes Swaromed Austria ‘Swaroplate’ patient grounding plates Trulife Ireland Pain management & positioning devices of silicone gel pads

  10. BUSINESS UNIT R Maco Germany Grids, lead protective items & accessories, X-ray darkroom hoppers & accessories, mobile, pivoting & stationary lead screens, lead-lined cassette, storage box, lateral cassette holder & view boxes Mavig Germany Grids, lead protective items & accessories, X-ray darkroom hoppers & accessories, mobile, pivoting & stationary lead screens, lead-lined cassette, storage box, lateral cassette holder & view boxes Shieldings USA Grids, lead protective items & accessories, X-ray darkroom hoppers & accessories, mobile, pivoting & stationary lead screens, lead-lined cassette, storage box, lateral cassette holder & view boxes X-Rite USA Q.A. Test kit Fuji Japan X-ray films Protec Germany Processors Range of X-Ray accessories, darkroom equipment & consumables

  11. PROJECT DIVISION ALM-Angenieux France Operating theatre lights BHT Hygienetechnik Germany Tunnel washers & washer disinfector dryers Branson UK Ultrasonic cleaners Derungs Licht Switzerland Examination lights Gandus Saldatrici Italy Sealing machines Getinge Castle USA CSSD equipment – steam sterilisers, warming cabinets & ultrasonic cleaners Ken Denmark Washer disinfectors Lancer France Washer disinfectors Malmet Australia Warming cabinets, bed pan flushers, drying cabinets T.Med Malaysia CSSD furniture

  12. ANTAH PHARMA SDN. BHD. • Marketing, sales & distribution of • PHARMACEUTICAL & HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS

  13. Marketing & Distribution Anben Pharma `France Ronfnyl Nasal Spray / Snore No More Arab Pharmaceuticals Jordan Neo-Healar Camden Malaysia Glibenclamide, Metformin Esteem Corridor Taiwan Safepro Safety Syringes Floxia France Balancing Cream, Skin Exfoliating Cream, Extreme Sun Protection Cream (SPF70) Skin Discolouration Cream Golden Hope Malaysia Tri-E Tocotrienols JA BioHealth Japan ETSU B300 Potion - Food ETSU B300 Potion - Mask Mayoly Spindler France Euphon Lozenges, Meteospasmyl, Nisapulvol 5% Microlab India Gliclazide Pharma & Health Belgium HLH Ovulation Test hCG Pregnancy Test Morphine Drug Screen Metamphetamine Screen THC Cannabis Screen Promedica/Chiesi S.A. France Meladinine Tablet

  14. ANTAH PHARMA SDN. BHD.Marketing & Distribution Products Floxia Skincare Range

  15. Distribution only Rotta Aplaket (Ticlopidine) Italy Go-On Jetepar Mucoflux Viartril-S Stada Arzneimittel Acyclovir Germany Captopril Enalapril Freka CID ISMN 20 Ladival Lisinopril Mar Plus Nasal Spray Nifedipin T20 Stadaglicin Nasal Spray Tramadol Sunward Pharma Allersin Aqueous Cream Singapore Asmalin Asmol Beco Tablet Benil Tablet Betamethasone Cream Bromhexine Tablet Calcium Lactate Decondine Deltasolone Tablet Dexasone Diatrol Dicomet CZ Dimenhydrinate Econazole Cream Fenadium Fenagesic Ferocom Folic Acid Frucid Hexene Forte Hydrocortisone Hyoscine Buty. Hyosun Syrup Laxodyl Lobesol Lycomine Metformin Methacid Metoclopramide Miconazole CP Pharmaceuticals Hepsal Injection UK Manoparin Multiparin Prosulf Injection Emerging Pharma Dysport (products from France) Diphereline Fluimucil Forlax Fortrans Ginkor Forte Monurol Smecta Somatuline Tanakan Vessel Due F Fresenius Biotech Haes-steril 6% Germany Euro Collins Solution ATG Fresofol 1% Injection Addamel N Injection Freka Mix TPN Bag Glamin (22.4 N/L) Glycophos Haes steril 10% Intralipid 20% Ketosteril Peditrace Provide Xtra Drink Soluvit N Injection Supportan Tropical Fruit Vamin Glucose (9.4g) Vamin 14 Vamin 18 EF Vaminolact Vitalipid N Injection Vitrimix KV Voluven 6%

  16. Sunward Pharma(cont’d)Mucoclear Mucodin Multico Mycosone Nalol Onadrine Pamol Polarax Polarine Prelone Prenavit Primzole Probenecid Properazine Prozine 5 Pseudorine Silfazine Solfen Sun-Dianox Sun-Glizide Sunazol Suncal-D Sunglucon Sunex Cough Suniton Sunodel Sunolut Sunophene Sunpepcin Sunprox Sunquadin Suntacid Sunthorphan Suntuss Syrup Tenol Tablet Triconazole Trinolone Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Zadipro Zorax Camden Acriflavine Multiplex Malaysia Allo 100 / 300 Pantine Tablet Allumag MPS Paramol 250 / 500 / 650 Amitriptyline Prednisolone Benzyl Benzoate Prosedyl Bisacodyl Pyridoxine Bromhexine Quinine Tablet Calamine Lotion Calcium Carbonate Calcium G Calcium L Camgesic Camiton Forte Camnergan Camnovate Camnovate N Campain Carbimazole Charcoal Tablet Chloroquine Cisten Comazol DCMC Tablet Dewind Syrup Dexa Dextramine Diclo 25/ 50 Diphenmine Expectorant Doxycycline Erythro 200 / 250 Eusol Lotion Folic Acid Tablet Frusemide Glycerin Thymol Iprofen 200/ 400 JMS 101 Antiseptic Kroter Cream Lithium Carbonate Mefemic 250 / 500 Minazol Magnesium Trisilicate MS Ointment

  17. Revolutionary cyrosurgical device combining the effectiveness of traditional cyrosurgery with the convenience of an aerosol based delivery system. An effective and economical way to treat benign skin lesions without the need for expensive equipment

  18. Bumimedic (M) Sdn. Bhd.

  19. Tissue Engineering Laboratory in Collaboration with UKM Holdings Berhad. Definition of tissue engineering – “The application of principles and methods of engineering and life science towards fundamental understanding of structure-function relationships in normal and pathological mammalian tissue and development of the biological substitutes to restore, maintain or improve tissue function.” in vivo Human Tissue Engineered Skin

  20. Tissue EngineeringResearch Sucessfully grown rabbit trachea for autologous transplantation. Human cartilage formed after transplantation into mice. In 1998 Cao et al successfully grown an ear in a nude mice using articular cartilage of a sheep. In 2000 Aminuddin et al developed a technique of tissue engineered ear with porcine cartilage as an autologous graft by using hydro gel.

  21. Back up Services

  22. Technical Support • 24-hours emergency breakdown service • Product training • Conducting regular maintenance checks for products sold

  23. Warehouse & Distribution • Prompt delivery nationwide • Ideal temperature storage with cold room facility

  24. Nationwide Coverage Branch offices available at: • Penang • Ipoh • Johor Bahru • Sabah • Sarawak SABAH PENANG IPOH PETALINGJAYA MALACCA SARAWAK

  25. Expansion to ASEAN region

  26. Expansion to ASEAN region covering: • Brunei Darussalam • Hong Kong • Singapore • Philippines • Indonesia

  27. Antah HealthCare Group GROUP PERFORMANCE TOTAL REVENUE RM ‘ million