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Why You Should Build Your Website on WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic content management system that you can use to build websites. Read here top 9 reasons why you should build your website on WordPress.

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Why You Should Build Your Website on WordPress

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  1. Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website on WordPress Initially, I was also in the list of people who thought that why do I need or is it good to switch to WordPress because for me WordPress was meant only for blogging. But now WordPress become one of the top choices of millions of people and the reason of quick adapting to WordPress is its handy and robust features like free to use, easy to install with open source, flexible and easy to learn; No matter if you are a beginner or well experienced. Its popularity shows that how it would be the best idea to use WordPress to build a website. Open to Every User One of the best things about WordPress is that it is open source content management software. Free to download, easy to install and now ready to use without any WordPress development company and expert training for those who are unfamiliar with Content Management Systems or people without any technical knowledge and experience can easily work with WordPress’s editor. It’s now converted into popular and first choice of web development company in India, designers, programmers, developers, and users. Let me explain the use of open source to the nontechnical users is that you can use or improve the software according to your way. You gain whole control over your site. After getting volumes of popularity it’s still coded or improved by the millions of strong energetic and supportive community all over the globe to make it a better and hard to compete with the product. It’s almost free what a minimal cost associated with it is the cost of domain and reliable hosting and a small fee of premium themes and plug-in if you want something more than free themes. Why WordPress comes with a thought of blogging? Although WordPress has spanned a long technical journey and now known as the best and robust CMS and covers largest market share in the CMS market but did you ever think why it’s a

  2. blogger first preference or invented as a blogging platform. It’s an SEO Powerhouse, it makes crawling super easy or you can also say that it’s an organic love of Google. It’s fully optimized for SEO perspective and its effective search engine optimization features and responsive design helps in increasing rank and traffic via organic methods. WordPress is Quite Handy for All The reason behind the incredible popularity of WordPress is its user friendliness feature. Creating, Managing and updating are quite easy in WordPress even for beginners or non- technical users too. Publishing and changing the article is just like copy and paste in an editor. WordPress Embedded with Lots of Plugins, add-ons Plug-in architecture in WordPress allows a user to extend the core functionality of a website and convert the simple looking site into a fully fledged website. Save your money and time. According to your need include plug-in and add-ons on your website to give the look you want. Even Premium Themes are also Very Cheap. It's saves designing cost too. WordPress comes with plenty of professionally designed free themes but if it doesn’t meet with your business look and brand you can also go for cheap premium themes. Most of the people think that “As WordPress is an open source so there are fewer chances of security as hackers can also access and manipulate the code very easily.” But we should not overlook the point that it is developed and managed by thousands of active and strong developers who are constantly working or improving its security. It also offers Localization Features too. Now it’s a need to open a new office in overseas and need localization of site and through WordPress, we can manage a website in a variety of languages. An exciting idea for business promotion clicked into your mind and just after few minutes of an idea you have created a new site, that’s the scalability WordPress gives to their user. What else you want, I think nothing and if still there is something in your mind then don’t get hesitate to choose WordPress because WordPress’s active community constantly working to make it a better product. Source: https://avyatechblog.quora.com/Top-9-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Build-Your-Website-on- WordPress

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