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Quality Automatic Switchblade Knives for Sale PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Automatic Switchblade Knives for Sale

Quality Automatic Switchblade Knives for Sale

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Quality Automatic Switchblade Knives for Sale

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  1. Designer and Handmade Switchblade Automatic Knives Call us:-832-476-8960

  2. Introduction There are dozens of types of knives. A switchable knife is an automatic knife, pushbutton and ejector knife. This type of knife is manufactured with folding or sliding blade containing handle. When a button is pressed the blade automatically opens with a spring, lever or a switch. Most switchblade designs incorporate a locking blade, in which the blade is locked against closure when the spring extends the blade is fully opened. The blade is operated manually mechanism that unlocks the blade and allows it to be folded and locked in the closed position. Menseffects provides you automatic switchblades knives of various size, colors and graphic print design. We also sell Buckle knuckle, Handcuffs, Pepper Spray, Straight Razor, sling shot and throwing stars.We try our level best to provide you best to offer good quality switchblade knives at the best value possible. Our blades are made up of highly ductile and stainless steel metals for longer period of durability. Here are the most user-preferred automatic switchblade knives for you to review. Check out here further:

  3. The Pro-Tech Runt Small Switchblade Automatic Knife • Every knife of Pro-Tech Automatic Knives is blend of the finest material available with hollow ground, satin-finish blade made of *154 cm. • Aircraft grade aluminum the best function. • Firing button flush with handle smooth folding. • Tip-up removable pocket clip lightweight (only 3 oz). • Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty Legal in California.

  4. Italian Stiletto Switchblade Automatic Knife • One of the best Special classic, stiletto switchable knives that you will find. • With Spear Blade very slim blade is made of 440C. • No End Bolsters flawless construction and functioning. • Manufactured with high quality material. • The handle is rounded, long and made to be hold in tactical stance. • Firing speed is very fast for a blade of this size, the blade fires out with a very characteristic loud double “clack” sound.

  5. Mini Lightning Switchblade Automatic Knife • Opens out of the front. • Substantial drop out point type blade that locks firmly. • Great grip. • Rugged construction • Mini lightening fire force comes from being armed automatically as do most of the OTF automatic on the market.

  6. Mid-Size Concealed And Dual Action Automatic Knife • The ghost is a quality hidden release knife, but makes no mistakes, it is a very effective switchable blade that opens to serve you in a blink. • Knife is very durable and easy to handle belt clip for easy carrying. • Knife comes with a slim removal clip. • Dual way of operation thumb studs and automatic opening. • Very strategic opening end of t he blade.

  7. Lonesome Dove.3 With Large Switchblade Automatic Knife And Blade • Lonesome Dove is built for rough conditions, sands, humidity and unsanitary and it don’t affect in any condition. • Blade face opens in fraction of seconds. • Strategically and hunting Bowie shape blade. • Designer graphically prints present on the handle make it look classier. • Strong as a substance. • Firing button is very outstanding and a safety lock slider is located very near it.

  8. Stiletto Switchblade Automatic Knife And Blade With Blue, Marble Handle • CAPICE series are the best, famous and successful series of low cost stilettos knives. • Very reliable and good response time for the opening of the blade. • Extremely well balanced. • The blade unlocks to fold by pushing down the firing side, of the knife's guard. • A nylon pouch is also provided with it for giving it good look.

  9. Get it Now!! To make your purchase visit our online store Automatic Switchblades Knives For queries and details, give us call at 832-476-8960