asbestos testing bunbury certified asbestos n.
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asbestos testing bunbury

asbestos testing bunbury

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asbestos testing bunbury

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  1. Asbestos Testing Bunbury Certified Asbestos Sampling & Testing

  2. Asbestos Awareness for Real Estate Agents The awareness regarding asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) needs to be known not only by the homeowners and renovators but also real Estate agents. ACM is a horrifying substance that should necessarily be evaded at any cost. As for real estate agents or brokers, they have been strictly informed not to ignore their responsibility relating to the substance.

  3. There is a great deal that older houses built before the 1980s still contain ACMs across the nation. Property agents are also affected by the existence of this hazardous substance in the housing industry. The Mr Fluffy case has given a great impact to the owner of the contaminated houses. There is no option left for those contaminated properties but to demolish them as required by the chief executive of Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, Peter Tighe, recently. It is reasonable to consider that properties constructed before 1980 are likely to contain the trace of ACMs and probably loose fill asbestos insulation according to the Fair Trading Department. The substance poses serious risks to health if the fibres are inhaled.

  4. The Widespread of ACM for Loose-fill Insulation Pure loose-fill ACMs, that can easily get disturbed, were sold as insulation materials for ceilings by a company better known as ‘Mr Fluffy’ during the 1960s and 1970s. The company installed the material in around 1,000 homes in ACT, as well as NSW. Loose-fill ACM Insulation Facts Loose-fill ACM insulation is an insulation made from raw fibrous material that has been pulverized into a fibrous particle or friable and fixed into a ceiling space. When disturbed, the fibres can disperse from the ceilings to different areas of houses; along with the walls, subfloor areas, and within the living spaces of a house.

  5. Important Fact About Loose-Fill Made from Fibrous Material: • It is a dangerous type of ACMs utilized for insulation by a small group of companies in the 1960s and 1970s. • The famous name of these companies, Mr. Fluffy, practiced in the ACT and some areas of NSW. • It does not prompt serious hazard if left undisturbed but the fact that it is loose and easy pulverized escalate the level of precaution, compared to non-friable form like fibro. • If a house happens to contain loose-fill insulation, the first step to take is to do a testing in a NATA accredited laboratory.

  6. The Obligation of a House Agent Regarding Fibrous Material • The government stressed the urgency of real estate professionals to inform about the hazard of fibrous materials to clients. The agent is required to do a number of legal obligations regarding ACM in properties lined up to sell or manage. • The obligations include: • A responsibility of care to the client and workers who will be involved in doing some jobs on the property. • An assurance of being honest, fair and professional in action. • A duty to disclose particular issues to prospective tenants and buyers. Read more: