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Louisiana Department of Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Louisiana Department of Education

Louisiana Department of Education

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Louisiana Department of Education

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  1. Curriculum Verification and Results Reporting Portal(CVR)User Guide for Principals and Teachers*How to Verify and Edit Class Rosters* Louisiana Department of Education

  2. What is the CVR? Collects data to fulfill the requirements of Act 54 Annual roster verification process done through portal Different user groups have differing functionalities Gathers more accurate information for use with value-added scores Reports value-added results to the appropriate personnel

  3. CVR Schedule Reflects on-going pilot work and other important dates through 2011 *Roster verification dates will change yearly, as this process will ALWAYS immediately follow testing.

  4. CVR for Principals and TeachersWelcome Page Important messages about the CVR will be noted here on the Welcome page Continue to Registration/Login

  5. Enter your personal Login Code and Password, and submit. Note: the user guide will walk you through the registration process if you have not already done so.

  6. CVR for Principals and Teachers Selecting Roster to Verify Select “student list” and “update” tabs Remember: teachers ONLY have access to their own information, there will be no need to check the ‘district’, ‘school’ or ‘teacher’ options. Principals will have to select the teacher to view. The list of classes this person teaches will appear. Click “select” next to the course whose roster is to be verified.

  7. CVR for Principals and Teachers--Verifying Class Rosters **Check “not in class” if the student NEVER attended this class. **Check “moved from class” if the student WAS in attendance, but moved prior to the end of the year. **To add a student to this class list, select the “Add Student” tab above the class list.

  8. CVR for Principals and TeachersAdding Students to Roster Enter student’s Last Name and/or First Name, then click “go” to view the students. Click “Add Student” to add a student to this class. When finished adding students, click “Return to Update Student List”. Only students coming from IN-DISTRICT can be added by the teachers, due to confidentiality issues.

  9. CVR for Principals and TeachersViewing Roster Changes ONLY Principals have this view Principals MAY over-ride any changes that are in error, or that were omitted.

  10. CVR for Teachers and Principals Verification Completion The TEACHER will certify that he/she has verified all the data on their rosters, and has made any changes necessary. Click “verification Completed” when it is.

  11. CVR for Principals and TeachersVerification Completion The PRINCIPAL will click that he/she certifies that their teachers have successfully completed the Roster Verification process. Click “Verification Completed” when it is.

  12. CVR for Principals and TeachersViewing Verified Data Select “Verified Data” to view changes made The principal will select the year and the teacher whose roster they wish to view. Select the class list of the course you wish to view.

  13. CVR for Principals and TeachersViewing Verified Data All changes for the class highlighted on the left will be shown in the box on the right. Students will be marked “not in class”, “moved from class”, or have no mark at all. Any students who were added to the list will be highlighted in green.

  14. CVR for PrincipalsVerification Progress Reports Clicking “Run Report” button will cause a .pdf file to pop up, which can then be saved to the computer, or printed. The report will show who has(Y) or has not (N) verified their data, and the date completed. Teachers do NOT have this function available to them, only principals.

  15. CVR for PrincipalsVerification Progress Reports This report shows that as of the printing date (top right-hand corner), none of the teachers have verified their rosters. Teachers do NOT have this function available to them, only principals.