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Aye GPS Tracking Smart Watches for Kids - AyeWatch PowerPoint Presentation
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Aye GPS Tracking Smart Watches for Kids - AyeWatch

Aye GPS Tracking Smart Watches for Kids - AyeWatch

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Aye GPS Tracking Smart Watches for Kids - AyeWatch

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  1. ACROSS GEOGRAPHIES,BEYOND BOUNDARIES Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  2. AYE SMART TRACKING Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  3. AYE SMART TRACKER – AST 1.0 Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  4. AYE INTERFACE Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries


  6. FEATURES REAL TIME GPS AND LBS MODE TRACKING The double mode which works through both GPRS and SIM card helps to pinpoint the location of the wearer making it easier for the monitor to get that information on his/her app. Our back-end helps integrate the 2 different streams of signals to keep the wearable in loop at all times and locations. For e.g. In case a user is confined to basement or at a place where GPS signals might not be able to pinpoint the location, LBS system (SIM Card) will be able to pinpoint the location by triangulation of mobile towers in the vicinity. This helps the monitor with an extra medium to look for the user’s location. Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  7. FEATURES SOS CALLING The SOS calling features enables the wearer to contact the three pre- feeded numbers. Once the SOS button is pressed for about 5 seconds, the wearable calls the 3pre-feeded numbers in the APP one by one and then repeats this cycle once more in case no one picks the call. A notification is also sent to the APP holder Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  8. FEATURES GEO-FENCE ALARM A monitor can designate a geographical area, out of which he/she would not like the user to move out or be notified when they do. This digital geo-fence can be made on the APP map or through computer/laptop. Once the wearer moves out of the designated area, there will be a notification on the app/phone of the monitor, letting him/her know about the wearer’s location. The back-end ecosystem clearly demarcates the area and keeps it in its log. In case of any movement by the wearer, the back-end helps in identifying the same and in turn raises the notification. Minimum radius for geo-fencing is 500 meters and goes upto 2 kms. Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  9. FEATURES TAKE OFF BRACELET ALARM Device bracelet comes with a sensing switch. AYE wearable needs to be worn for at least 3 minutes before take-off alarm is activated. Device will send the alarm message to monitor’s phone (default) and in the mean time APP will send notification alarms to all pre-designated monitors. Multi tasking of our back-end comes into the fore as we are able to multitask two different sets of notifications for the primary monitor and associated guardians. In case AYE is taken off a child, there will be a notification along with the location wherever it is taken off. This will give huge advantage to a guardian in ascertaining the location and saving precious time in getting to touch with his/her ward. Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  10. FEATURES HISTORICAL ROUTE MAPPING The AYE app has a dynamic 90 day route map memory. This enables the guardian to keep themselves updated about earlier movements also in case real time tracking could not be done. This is also useful in cases where in the wearer moves with helpers or other associates and not with the guardians themselves. Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  11. FEATURES SILENT CALLING This is a very unique feature where in through the APP we can send a message to the watch. On receipt uniquely coded message, the watch calls the guardian back without any disturbance to the wearer of the watch. of the Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  12. FEATURES PHONE BOOK The stand alone phonebook based in the physical wearable helps keep track of numbers to various monitors or guardians whenever their numbers change. The ecosystem will enable the shifting of self- initiating notifications to manually driven calling without any time delay or problems. For e.g. this tiny phonebook can be fed into the user’s device helping him/her to always seem close to people to whom he/she can reach out. The problem of forgetting a 10- digit mobile number emergencies or panic situations will never arise, thus enabling the child to be safe. in case of Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  13. FEATURES RESTRICTED CALLING – GUARDIAN ACCESS The watch can only interact with the numbers for which it is authorized and no additional calls can be made to and fro from the wearer device. This helps prevent any unsolicited communication through the watch and guardian access thus is complete. Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  14. SAY AYE TO THE FUTURE – What’s NEXT? • School/Society/Recreation area Geo-fencing • AYE Senior • AYE IoT Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries

  15. Thank You… ………SAY AYE Across Geographies,Beyond Boundaries