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Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed PowerPoint Presentation
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Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed

Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed

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Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed

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  1. Dark They Were,And Golden Eyed Anna Stachler, Maeve Stargardt, Joseph Wilmot, and Adam Klepp By: Ray Bradbury

  2. Focus Question • If you live somewhere long enough, will you eventually undergo changes due to the place you live?

  3. Initial Characters • Martians • Mr. Bittering • Laura • Harry • David Initial Setting • Mars

  4. Initial Action • Mr. Bittering wants to go back to Earth, So he starts to build a rocket.

  5. Exposition • The initial setting is on Mars in the little cottage they built. • The main characters is the Bittering family • The initiating action is when Mr. Bittering says he wants to go back to Earth.

  6. Rising Action I • Rockets exploding

  7. Rising Action IIII • Weird food growing

  8. Rising Action II • Cow grows another horn

  9. Rising Action III • Tulips turning green

  10. Falling Action • When the rockets fell out of the sky 5 years later. The humans came back to get them from Mars because the they won the war, but they didn't recognize any of the people because they all turned into old Martians.

  11. Sci-Fi Elements • It has elements of sci-fi because people are living on mars with no space suits and they are farming in space. • There is no regard for real physics, or the fact that people cant survive on mars without a spacesuit

  12. Story Responses • Our group thought the story was dumb and didn’t make any sense. We had no background on why they were on Mars, and the story had us guessing the whole time, but we never got an answer.

  13. Climax • The turning point in the story is when in the summer the heat gets too much, so the villagers need to go to the villas. • Mr. Bittering has to leave his rocket that he is building, and when he is at the villas he gets accustomed to life on mars he forgets about his rocket.

  14. Turning Point • The turning point is when the humans come back for the people with news of the victory in the war, but all they found were the “Martians” in the hills. • The humans don’t know that they were originally the colony in the town, but they believe since no one • a is there that the town has died off.

  15. Summary • This story is about the people of Earth moving to Mars. Particularly one family is looked upon with scrutiny. These people moved and in the beginning the father immediately wanted to go back to Earth. One day, His daughter can in and said that all the rockets are blown up and the people cant leave Mars. The father begins to build his own rocket and won't eat any food grown on Mars. Slowly, he realizes that everything is changing; peoples skin is getting darker and their eyes are turning yellow. Then he realizes that he was slowly accepting Martians and their traditions. Then one day, the Earth people come back and think that all the old Earth people were Martians and the cycle begins again.

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