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  1. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS Canada Mexico Industry Science Workshop .

  2. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS Crystal Fountains is a privately held Ontario Corporation, founded in 1967. We specialise in manufacturing products for decorative waterfeatures of all sizes, as well as offering design and consulting services in the same niche around the globe.

  3. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS We spend a significant portion of our sales dollars helping our customers find the best fountain solutions. As a general rule our commercial products need to be specified by an Architect, Landscape Architect or Aquatic Specialist Engineer.

  4. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS As environmental consciousness has been growing, so has the acceptance of LEED building standards for sustainable development. LEED consists of a 110 point scoring system to determine whether a development meets criteria for sustainable development and at what level. (Certified, silver, gold and platinum)

  5. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS There is a perception that decorative waterfeatures are on the wrong side of green and will potentially penalize a site from meeting LEED criteria.


  7. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS WE Credit Category: Reduction in water use associated with irrigation outside the building and fixture/fittings use inside the building has impacts on resource depletion and water shortages leading to agricultural, human, plant, and animal effects. While the impacts of these credits were primarily in water use, the benefits of water reduction are heavily emphasized in LEED for New Construction 2009

  8. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS The goal would be to develop systems that would be able to serve the water needs of portions of or the entire building site. Our products and services could aid in gaining LEED points as well as create enjoyable aesthetic use of water elements. We are interested in technologies that could be used in a distributed model.

  9. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS Threats Fountains as we design them today are avoided and not specified due to being perceived as LEED negative to our design customers. Fountains are legislated out

  10. CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS Opportunities We leverage our current water and systems integration knowledge into new LEED positive systems, products and expertise. To enable this shift we will need outside expertise and help to develop systems and products that we can effectively bring to our markets.