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Sesa hair oil PowerPoint Presentation
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Sesa hair oil

Sesa hair oil

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Sesa hair oil

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  1. Sesa Hair Oil

  2. Give your crowning glory the care it deserves with Sesa hair oilHaving a head full of hair that is healthy, strong and free of problems is something most wish for. Unfortunately, we seem inundated with hair problems like premature greying, hair loss, dandruff, itching and scaling scalp, etc. Now, get respite from these hair problems and attain hair that bounces with health with Sesa Ayurvedic hair oil. It not only contains properties that help cure many of the hair problems that we suffer from but also rejuvenates the scalps and the roots and provides nourishment to the hair thus promoting hair growth.

  3. Sesa oil contains a blend of eighteen herbal extracts and five herbal oils processed in milk and is prepared using the ancient Ayurvedic process of Tail Pak Vidhi. Each of its ingredients is chosen for its effectiveness in treating hair problems as well as for revitalizing hair and enhancing its growth.The main ingredients in Sesa oil include Brahmi, known for its rejuvenating and hair fall preventing properties; Bringraj, known for giving hair a dark rich colour; Neem, known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties; Neelini, known for preventing dandruff and giving hair softness and shine and Mehndi, known for keeping hair glowing and lustrous. Since it contains only natural ingredients, Sesa oil can be used by anyone without causing any known side effects.

  4. Regular massage with Sesa oil that has been slightly warmed has been proven to produce great results. One can start to notice a difference in hair texture, length, thickness and colour within weeks of regular use.You can now say goodbye to thinning hair, split ends, grey hair and dandruff with the daily use of Sesa oil. Start on a bottle of Sesa oil today and acquire hair that is lustrous, shiny and best of all, problem-free. Sesa Ayurvedic herbal oil is available in 500ml bottles and can be ordered online through

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