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Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the Red Fern Grows

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  1. Where the Red Fern Grows Book By: Wilson Rawls Paper By: Ava F. Section 4 and 5 creative piece

  2. Characters Main Characters • Billy • Old Dan • Little Ann • Grandpa Slightly Important Characters • The Mother • The Father • Billy’s younger sisters Other Characters • Prichard Boys • Sammie (Billy’s Cat) • Grandma • Mr. Kyle

  3. Things You Might Want to Know About the Main Character • Billy has two dogs-Old Dan and Little Ann • His dogs are hound dogs. • In the book Billy is about 10-12 years old. • Billy’s Family -Billy -His mom -His Dad -His 3 younger sisters -His Grandpa -His dogs

  4. Section 1 In section 1 a boy named Billy wants two hound dogs so, so badly. His family is poor so they can’t afford much. Billy just can’t stop thinking about hound dogs and he didn’t want just one he wanted two. Billy stopped eating and all he could dream is about hound dogs. His parents are very worried about him. Billy finds a magazine add and that changes everything because on the magazine add it says hound dogs $25.00 each. He is thrilled! Billy saves up his money for two years and he finally has a good $50.00 to buy them. His parents don’t know about this. The only person who knows is his grandpa. Billy’s grandpa is going to drive Billy to go and pick them up in 2 weeks. One night Billy decides that he really wants his dogs now, he can’t wait two weeks. That night Billy puts on clean clothes and starts to walk to his destination to find his dream dogs.

  5. Section 2 In section 2 Billy gets his dogs safe and sound back at home and names the boy dog Old Dan and the girl dog Little Ann. He explains everything to his parents. Billy wants to train his dogs to be hunting dogs to hunt for coons. In order to train his dogs Billy will need a coon. He sets up a trap to catch one. After what seems like forever Billy finally gets one to start training. Billy trains his dogs night and day and then now all of his hard work has paid off. IT’S HUNTING SEASON!!! It’s time to hunt for some coons.

  6. Section 3 In section 3 Billy is mostly just hunting for coons in this section but one time Little Ann was hurt and Billy tried hunting with just Old Dan and that didn’t really work because Billy just waited and waited and after a while Billy gave up and called Old Dan to him but he wouldn’t come he called and called and then just gave up. Billy started on his way home and when he got home there Old Dan was laying by Little Ann. So now Billy knows to bring both of his dogs when he goes hunting. Another time Billy almost lost Old Dan. As always Billy let his dogs free to find some coon trails. Now Old Dan was not the smartest dog so he found a coon and he just wouldn’t give it up he chased and chased after it until he chased it into a hole and Billy didn’t know. He thought that Old Dan had droned but luckily Little Ann was digging in the hole because she heard his voice. They were able to pull him out. That happened and a few other hunting things that happened in section 3.

  7. Section 4 In section 4 Billy’s grandpa shows him this an article about this competition for coon hunting. Billy is thrilled and they are going to start driving tomorrow. Billy, Papa, and Grandpa are going along with the dogs. They got there. The next morning was the beauty competition. Billy entered Little Ann and won. Now it was the real time, hunting! Billy pulled the #4 so he will be hunting on the 4th night. What you have to do is tree the coon, kill him, and then skin him and bluffs don’t count. A judge will come with each hunter. After the first night one man got 3 coons and the rest were eliminated. On the second night none of the hunters reached 3 coons so they all were eliminated. No one reached 3 on the third night. It was the 4th night Billy’s time. At the last second Billy was able to reach 3 coons. On the 5th night one other hunter made it so now all 3 hunters including Billy will have to go through another round. Who will win?????

  8. Section 5 In section 5 it starts to hail in the last round Billy was thinking about giving up because he could freeze but he is not going to leave until he finds his dogs. After what seems like forever Billy finally finds them but they lose grandpa. They find him but grandpa twists his ankle badly. They go home winning with the gold and silver cup. A few nights later they went hunting just for some fun. It doesn’t turn out great because Old Dan and Little Ann get in to a fight with a bob cat and get very, very, very, very, very, very, very, hurt. Old Dan lost lots of blood, Little Ann was hurt too but not as badly, and Billy almost lost his life but because of his dogs he lived. The dogs killed the bob cat but Billy had to carry Old Dan back to the house because of how hurt he was. When they got back to the house the whole family did their best to try to cure them. I am going to leave it at that. You can read the book to find out what is going to happen!!!

  9. My Feelings I give this book a 8 out of 10. I liked this book and I would read another book by this author. It was good but sad. I suggest this book to readers.

  10. THANK YOU AND GOODBYE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING. Goodbye. Have a nice day and don’t miss out on a great book!!!!!!!