the 411 on health safety and academics while studying abroad n.
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The 411 on Health, Safety and Academics while Studying Abroad PowerPoint Presentation
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The 411 on Health, Safety and Academics while Studying Abroad

The 411 on Health, Safety and Academics while Studying Abroad

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The 411 on Health, Safety and Academics while Studying Abroad

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  1. The 411 on Health, Safety and Academics while Studying Abroad

    CSULA International Office
  2. Pre-departure Academics The CSULA IP is a study abroad program. IP is not “travel abroad,” it is “study abroad.” All coursework taken while studying abroad will appear as transfer credit on your CSULA transcript. Since there are some academic formalities that may be difficult to take care of once you are overseas, you should take care of the following things before you go: Change/Add a major or minor. Complete the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) before departure. File a petition for course substitutions or waivers. Clear up any incomplete grades. ***Make sure to keep a copy of all documents for your records!***
  3. Pre-departure Passport You must have a valid passport to leave and enter the U.S. For more information on obtaining a U.S. passport
  4. Pre-departure Visa A visa is an immigration document that gives you permission to enter a country for a specific purpose and for a specified period of time Visit your host country embassy website for more information on the visa application procedure. Every country is different and so make sure you have updated information. Please visit for more information on Visas.
  5. Pre-departure Transportation You are responsible for making your own transportation arrangements to your host university abroad. Travel agencies specializing in student travel that you may want to consider are: Travel CUTS STA Travel 1-800-467-5032 1-800-781-4040
  6. Once you have arrived Check in with your host institution Register with the U.S. Embassy on entering the country and also exiting the country. Safe Traveler Enrollment Program STEP Involve yourself in multiple campus events as soon as possible. It helps guard against homesickness and helps you adjust to the new culture. Most students do experience some level of culture shock, even if it is very slight. Be patient with yourself; however being active will help tremendously. Make sure to request that official transcripts be sent to the International Office before you leave your host country. It might be hard to try and get official transcripts sent to you once you have left. -
  7. Health and Safety No orientation can alert you to every potential difficulty, but goal is to provide you with some background knowledge so that you can make informed decisions. Read about life in your host country and follow current events Review U.S. Department of State info about your host country: the Consular Information Sheets the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) STEP Safe Traveler Enrollment Program Find out requirements & restrictions on travel with prescription meds Find out where the closest hospital is and how to request an English-speaking doctor You must submit proof of health insurance valid in host country to the International Office
  8. Health and Safety Basics for college students abroad – Inform yourself Go To Guides for: Alcohol and Drugs Overseas Staying Healthy while Abroad Insurance for You and Your Stuff Find out what is covered & for how much. What to Do in an Emergency Safety Tips If You are the Victim of a Crime Abroad Women Travelers MEN AND WOMEN should learn about their host culture’s gender roles as well as their views on sexuality. Keep others informed of your whereabouts: Inform the international office overseas of any travel plans. Stay in touch with your family.
  9. Crisis Management You must provide the CSULA International Office with your emergency contacts before you leave LA as well as any changes that may occur. It is imperative that you register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) though the U.S. Department of State Remember that you are subject to the laws of your host country. www.studentsabroad.state.govThere is no “Get Out of Jail Free” card just because you are a U.S. citizen. Inform yourself.
  10. At the end of your program Request that an official transcript be sent to the International Office, Attn: Jennifer Amaya. Upon your return to the U.S. confirm that your transcripts have been received by the Int’l Office. Once the transcript has been received, grades typically show on your GET record in 4-6 weeks. Once it is on GET, meet with your academic advisor to submit course substitution forms. Processing takes a minimum of one quarter to post to your degree progress; necessary for graduation.
  11. The Most Important Variable is YOU Your personal health situation. Your personal habits. The activities you choose to engage in. The places you choose to go. Ultimately, YOU are the most qualified person to keep yourself HEALTHY and SAFE.
  12. Acknowledgement I acknowledge that I have completed the Online Study Abroad Orientation and I understand that: I must have a valid passport. I will need to apply for permission (a visa)to enter the host country. I must arrange my own international travel. I must submit the following to the International Office before departing L.A.: the Liability Waiver, Clearance Form, Academic Advisement form, proof of health insurance (dates & benefits) and my emergency contact info before departure. I must have health insurance valid in my host country while I am abroad and provide a copy to the International Office. I am responsible for knowing the local customs and laws. My personal habits and my own decisions will have the greatest impact on my overall health and safety. I must submit the Online Orientation Acknowledgement (next).
  13. Orientation Acknowledgement I acknowledge that I have completed the CSULA Study Abroad Online Orientation. Name: _______________________________________ Please print: First name Last name CIN: ______________________ Dates of Participation: ___________to: _____________ mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yy Destination: ________________________,__________________ City Country ______________________________________________________ Host Institution & Program Sponsor Signature: __________________ Date: ____________ Please print, sign then return to: International Office GE 217, 5151 State University Dr. , Los Angeles CA, 90032. This is due at least 2 weeks before your departure. It can be dropped off at the Int’l Office or scanned then emailed to me at .