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Software Assurance Planning Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Software Assurance Planning Services

Software Assurance Planning Services

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Software Assurance Planning Services

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  1. Software Assurance Planning Services Planning Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  2. Agenda • Overview • Software Assurance Planning Services • Planning Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Partner Readiness • Required Deliverables • How to Enroll in Planning Services • Customer Experience • After Delivering the Engagement • Learn More

  3. Planning Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRMEffective October 1, 2013! Microsoft-sponsored consulting engagements that result in custom implementation plans • How Planning Services Work Partners Enroll SA customers earn points Registered CRM Gold Competency partners or Microsoft Services provide the engagements Customers use points for PS Consultants deliver engagement Microsoft Dynamics engagements will be part of SQL Server Deployment Planning Services • SSDPS Microsoft pays

  4. Dynamics CRM Planning Services BenefitsUnderstanding the program value for the Microsoft sales teams & partners Create New Opportunities Launch new, Microsoft-sponsored engagements Offset the cost of sales for implementation engagements Demonstrate Dynamics CRM expertise Increase DynamicsSA renewal Help customers get the most out of their IT investments Ensure satisfaction with SA coverage Increase SA loyalty and renewal Simplify DynamicsCRM adoption Increase implementation rates with custom implementation plans created by qualified partners Increase product loyalty and encourage expanded adoption

  5. Planning Services Offerings Offerings Desktop (DDPS) SharePoint (SDPS) Lync and Exchange (L&EDPS) Public Cloud, Windows Azure (AZDPS) Private Cloud, Management &Virtualization (PVDPS) Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM An engagement of SSDPS SQL Server (SSDPS) Developer Tools (DTDPS)

  6. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRMThe first engagement, more to come Customer Benefits Put IT Investments to Work Streamline Implementations Experience the Power of Productivity

  7. Partner Readiness Eligible Partners Must: Enrolled Partners Get: Have a Gold Competency in CRM Enroll as a Planning Services Provider of SSDPS Submit required deliverables for payment Payment for consulting services Microsoft best-practice engagement guidance Complete Engagement Documentation: Example Scope of Work Detailed Guide Assessment and Architecture Design Guidance Customer Sales Materials

  8. Enrolling in Planning Services5 easy steps Start Here: SA Planning Services Program Page on MPN Review the “Partner Quick Guide” (Slide #4) for details on MPN Membership restrictions and renewal. Visit the MPN Competency Roadmap for details on competency changes. Click “Enroll” next to the PS offerings for which you are eligible Sign in with your Microsoft Account which has Global Admin rights in MPN Review and Accept the terms and conditions • A Global Admin must navigate here Opt-In to theeligible program(s) 1 2 3 4 5 When Organization enrolls, all Locations are enrolled. Membership in Planning Services must be renewed annually after Competency renewal Only associated individuals with a “Program Contact Role” in MPN can access VVR tool

  9. Enrollment Steps 1-2: Select A Program Go to: SA Planning Services Program Page on MPN Select a PS offering and click “ENROLL”

  10. Enrollment Step 3: Sign in to MPN Click “Sign In” to log in with your Microsoft Account

  11. Enrollment Step 4: Accept T&C’s Click “View” to Review & Accept the Terms & Conditions

  12. Enrollment Step 5: Opt-In Opt-in to the Dynamics CRM program by choosing SSDPS from the list and clicking “Enroll” You may also Opt-in to other programs for which you are eligible

  13. How Customers find Planning Services partnersPS Provider Directory Customer Search

  14. The Voucher Lifecycle Software Assurance Planning Services Voucher Lifecycle Partner Customer Customer Partner Partner Partner Partner Register to Provide SSDPS Activate Voucher Benefit Create & Assign Voucher Reserve Voucher Deliver Engagement Redeem Voucher Invoice Voucher

  15. Converting Points to Days Application/Service License Example Enrollment Look up total days on the table 1,000 CRM Essential CAL X1 Point 500 CRM Professional CAL X2 Point 1 CRM 2013 Server X25 Points 2,025 Application Points TOTAL 5 Planning Services Days

  16. Customer Access to Planning Services Benefits • Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) • How to Manage Software Assurance Benefits - Video Instruction for Customers Watch Steps 1 & 2 of the Voucher Life Cycle Videos located here!

  17. Voucher creation (Customer) in VLSC • Watch Steps 1-2:Voucher Life Cycle Videos

  18. 5 Facts about Vouchers • A voucher’s lifespan is 180 days from the date of creation in VLSC. • If a Customer’s enrollment expires before the voucher’s expiration date, the voucher is still valid up to it’s own expiration date. • If the enrollment is still active when a voucher expires (the voucher has not been used), the days will return to the enrollment’s available pool of days (Planning Services remaining days). If the enrollment has already expired when the voucher expires, the days are lost. • Assigned Vouchers should be reserved in VVR as soon as possible to ensure that it is not reserved by another partner. (Note that you can change the engagement start and end dates after a voucher is reserved.) • Partners must reserve the voucher, deliver the engagement, and redeem the voucher in VVR prior to the stated expiration date of the voucher.

  19. After Delivery of the Engagement Prepare Required Deliverables Redeem Completion Report Required Customer Deliverable (templates provided) Navigate to the VVR tool Upload deliverables and REDEEM vouchers within 60 days following the engagement Completion Report Infopath Form 3 Day 5 Day 10 Day // Requirements & Process Review Final Report High-Level Solution Architecture Report PoC Results & Recommendations

  20. The Completion Report InfoPath form

  21. Getting paidFour Important Facts about the SAVB tool Partners create Payment Requests in the SAVB tool to get paid. SAVB is not the same as VVR. Global Admins register each PS offering onceat You must have at least one voucher already in REDEEMED status in VVR to register in SAVB for the 1st time. SAVB only displays REDEEMED vouchers. It does not display vouchers that are still in Reserved status in VVR.

  22. Learn More Resources Topic Planning Services Partner Portal Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools and resources Module 1: Planning Services Overview, Eligibility & Enrollment Planning Services for Partners Module 2: Voucher Life Cycle Steps, Conducting the Planning Services Engagement, and Getting Paid The Voucher Lifecycle Volume Licensing Customer Portal Software Assurance Planning Services

  23. Planning Services Points Convert unused Training Vouchers 3:1 for Planning Services Days