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New wedding dress to match the

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New wedding dress to match the

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  1. New wedding dress to match the Couples before marriage tend to wear a wedding dress does not look good because of worry, always tangled morphology of their body or cause, then you ever thought about what the wedding itself, clever Allure 8329Will show a unique beauty, then how can the right mix of our own style of wedding dress do, small series to you here a brief look.

  2. (A) the wedding • Since the 16th century, Western-style white wedding bride wedding dress has become the inevitable choice .When they get married and form of the month, you can begin selecting the wedding dress. If you decide to custom-made Western-style dress, then it should be six months or as soon as possible to choose two sides of the dress shop, the purpose of doing so is to allow sufficient time to modify both the dress, but also maintain enough time for photo purposes. In the test must bring along with Anjolique 1058 underwear to know exactly what effect. When they are all the effects, in the month before the wedding is expected to open formally made to avoid a change in size. If you choose to hire wedding, two weeks before the wedding is to be formally tested body, to ensure that the situation physique, while the best person to take shirt to make a final test body. • Dress are generally identified by its recency charges .The use of gloves, then they need to consider their body type and dress tie with the most important

  3. (B) the groom dress • Although nothing more than the groom dress suit, but whether it is custom-made or rented, the choice should be selected in accordance with the details as indicated above to. Bonny 722, said in addition to serving beyond the flesh attached, must pay attention to symmetrical shoulder, sleeve is to be moderate. Other accessories include a girdle, suspenders, vests, ties and bags of towels and so on.

  4. (C) underwear • A fit of the underwear, not only can be modified body type, but will also prop up the wedding for graceful lines. Best to choose a better fit underwear material, color, preferably white and flesh-colored, if used with the other evening, then it should be in accordance with the tone and color of the evening. • Selection of appropriate underwear to match their body type, the following are some relevant information: • Corset-type lines for the whole body average woman body. • Bust is suitable for supporting low-cut design of the wedding. • Even girdle bust wedding dress is suitable for use umbrella. • Girdle are used mainly for the repair waist style. • Spirituality is divided into long, medium and short Spirituality Casablanca 1742 is basically used for cultivation evening costume, must pay attention to when choosing pants while no pattern to smooth style, so close in the evening when you wear underwear showing signs of .

  5. (D) hair • Bridal hair and clothing with materials in the same ball can be used to create a flower effect. When Christina Wu 15426 a wedding dress, the hair can be adjusted using powder or silver costume jewelry, and Chinese red cheongsam is available accessories. When put on evening time, you can use the diamond jewelry category. It should be noted, body type petite bride not to use too long trailing veil.

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