1972 summit series n.
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1972 Summit Series PowerPoint Presentation
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1972 Summit Series

1972 Summit Series

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1972 Summit Series

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  1. 1972 Summit Series Canada vs. Russia

  2. Summit Series Overview • An eight game hockey series between Canada and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) • September 2- September 28, 1972 • The Canadian team consisted of all NHL stars, where as the Sovietteam was made up of amateurs who had participated in the Olympics • The first four games were played in Canada ( Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver),and the last four were in the Soviet Union

  3. Why was this series created? • National pride was on the line • To ease tensions between the East and the West • The world doubted Canada’s hockey superiority • To prove to themselves, Canada, and the rest of the world, that Canada does have the best hockey players in the world ?

  4. How did this series contribute to the Cold War? • Was played during the height of the Cold War • Helped people put aside all the tension, and build more normal relations between people • Rose above politics to bring West and East together

  5. Why is the Summit Series significant on an international level? • Built bridges across the Cold War divide • Was a massive struggle to determine who was more superior- the democratic West, or the communists (USSR) • Awakened feelings of nationalism in both Canada and the Soviet Union • It was originally called The Friendship Series, but it more closely resembled a war • Canada was expected to easily defeat the Soviets, but this was not the case

  6. Why is the Summit Series significant in Canadian history? • Gave Canadians a source of national pride • Became an even bigger part of Canadian culture than it was before • There wasn’t as much unity in Canada since World War II • An important win in the Cold War • Changed the game of hockey forever • Hockey became faster, more aggressive and more intense • The Canadians no longer just expected to win, they played to win

  7. Goal heard around the world Paul Henderson scored the series winning goal with 34 seconds left in game eight. This is one of the most famous goals scored in Canadian history. Some people say that up until this point, there was not as much unity as a country since World War II.

  8. Extra Info.: Opening ceremony Prime minister Pierre Trudeau dropped the puck at the opening ceremony of the 1972 Summit Series.

  9. The Goal: The Paul Henderson Story A clip from the movie is included in a file on the wiki space. It covers the entire summit series, from the day they started to choose Canada’s team, to the team arriving back in Canada after game eight.