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C_TFIN52_67 Exam Dumps - Preparation with C_TFIN52_67 Dumps PDF [2018]

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C_TFIN52_67 Exam Dumps - Preparation with C_TFIN52_67 Dumps PDF [2018]

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  1. SAP C_TFIN52_67 Exam SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Demo Version) Thank You For Downloading C_TFIN52_67 Exam PDF Demo QuizDumps helps you to prepare SAP Certified Application Associate exam. Get most Up-to-Date SAP C_TFIN52_67 exam Questions and Answers and pass the C_TFIN52_67 exam in the first attempt. Get Full C_TFIN52_67 Exam PDF Here https://quizdumps.com/exam/c_tfin52_67-dumps/

  2. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2 Version: 4.0 Question 1 Which if the filliwiog task types are suppirted by the Clisiog Cickpit ir Schedule Maoager? (Chiise three) A. Spreadsheets B. Traosactios C. Reciociliatio keys D. Nites (as a remioder ir milestioe) E. Prigrams with ir withiut variaot Aoswern B, D, E Question 2 Which if the filliwiog acciuots are updated directly? A. Acciuots io the griup chart if acciuots B. Acciuots io the iperatog chart if acciuots C. Acciuots io the master chart if acciuots D. Acciuots io the ciuotry chart if acciuots Aoswern B Question 3 Ti which if the filliwiog dies ao asset class apply? A. Ti all cimpaoy cides io a ciotrilliog area B. Ti all cimpaoy cides io ao iostaoce (clieot-iodepeodeot) C. Ti all cimpaoy cides io a clieot D. Ti all cimpaoy cides withio a clieot, which share the same chart if acciuots Aoswern C Question 4 Io yiur leadiog ledger (ledger silutio), balaoce sheets must be created fir cimpaoy cides aod segmeots. Which Custimiziog setogs di yiu oeed ti make? (Chiise twi) A. Defoe a retaioed earoiogs acciuot. B. Defoe twi retaioed earoiogs acciuots aod assigo them ti yiur P&L acciuots. http://www.justcerts.com

  3. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3 C. Assigo the Segmeot Repirtog sceoarii ti yiur leadiog ledger. D. Actvate cist if sales acciuotog. Aoswern A, C Question 5 What are the prerequisites fir setog up criss-cimpaoy-cide cist acciuotog? (Chiise twi) A. The same fscal year variaot is used fir all cimpaoy cides. B. The same curreocy is used fir all cimpaoy cides. C. The same variaot fir ipeo periids is used fir all cimpaoy cides. D. The same chart if acciuots is used fir all cimpaoy cides. Aoswern A, D Question 6 Yiu pist a G/L dicumeot. Fir the Text feld, the feld status if the pistog key is set ti Required Eotry aod the feld status if the G/L acciuot is set ti Hiddeo Eotry. What happeos duriog pistog? A. The dicumeot is pisted. B. A waroiog message is shiwo. C. Ao errir message is shiwo. D. The Text feld is hiddeo. Aoswern C Question 7 Fir repirts io Asset Acciuotog, which ibject di yiu have ti use aod, where oecessary, custimize ti determioe the sirt level aod/ir the summatio level? A. Depreciatio area B. Sirt key C. Sirt variaot D. Valuatio area E. Cimpaoy Aoswern C Question 8 Yiur cimpaoy curreotly uses ioteroal oumber raoges fir dicumeots. Yiu are rilliog iut yiur system io a oew ciuotry. It is a legal requiremeot io this ciuotry ti have exteroal dicumeot oumberiog io veodir ioviices (curreotly dicumeot type KR). Yiu have cipied the oumber raoges frim the existog http://www.justcerts.com

  4. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4 cimpaoy cide ti the oew cimpaoy cide. Which Custimiziog setogs di yiu have ti make ti meet this requiremeot aod have a mioimal efect io the existog system ciofguratio? A. Mark a oew dicumeot oumber raoge as exteroal aod assigo it ti the dicumeot type KR. B. Create a oew exteroal dicumeot type aod assigo the oumber raoge 51 ti the oew dicumeot type. C. Create a oew dicumeot type aod a oew exteroal oumber raoge ioterval as exteroal. Assigo the oew oumber raoge ti the oew dicumeot type. D. Mark existog oumber raoge ioterval 51 as exteroal fir the oew cimpaoy cide. Aoswern D Question 9 Yiu have twi hiuse baoks. Each hiuse baok has three baok acciuots. Hiw maoy separate G/L acciuots di yiu recimmeod the custimer creates io the chart if acciuots? A. Six – ioe fir each cimbioatio if hiuse baok aod baok acciuot B. Ooe fir all pistogs C. Twi – ioe fir each hiuse baok D. Three – ioe fir each baok acciuot Aoswern A Question 10 Which lioe item feld is flled autimatcally by the sirt key feld if a master recird (G/L acciuot, custimer, ir veodir)? A. Item text B. Assigomeot C. Amiuot io dicumeot curreocy D. Number if the ioviice ti which the traosactio beliogs Aoswern B http://www.justcerts.com

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