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C2090-102 Exam Dumps - Preparation with C2090-102 Dumps PDF

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C2090-102 Exam Dumps - Preparation with C2090-102 Dumps PDF

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  2. Version: 8.0 Question 1 Which of the following approaches can an organizaton take to solve the impact on the performance and capacity originated by the variety of data types? A. Defne a data catalog in a traditonal data warehouse B. Create diferent solutons to handle every kind of data C. Store a wide range of data formats on the same platorm D. Defne a comprehensive taxonomy and constantly review Aoswern D Explanatonn Referencesn htpn::www.redbooks.ibm.com:redpapers:pdfs:redpp505.pdf Pagen 1p Question 2 You are designing storage for a new Hadoop cluster. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the usage of SAN or NAS? A. SAN or NAS should not be used to set up HDFS B. SAN or NAS must be used, if available, to provide backup capabilites C. SAN or NAS can be used to support retenton policies D. SAN or NAS cannot be used if your Hadoop cluster spans 2 sites Aoswern A Explanatonn Referencesn htpn:: www-51.ibm.com:sofware:data:infosphere:hadoop:hdfs: Question 3 Which of the following is NOT an example of unstructured data? A. HBase table B. Tweet C. Netezza table D. Internet Protocol Detail Record Aoswern C

  3. Explanatonn Referencesn htpsn::www.ibm.com:support:knowledgecenter:SSUULDD0.2.5:com.ibm.nz.gsg.doc:cDgetstrtDnzsslDh elp.html Question 4 Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding Cloud deployment models? A. Performance and scalability resuirements are a critcal factor for deciding between Platorm as a Serviceand Infrastructure as a Service deployment models B. In a platorm as a Service ofering, the customer has root access to the servers C. Applicatons with extremely high transactons volumes are good candidates for Platorm as a Service D. In an infrastructure as a service deployment, the cloud provider provides security patching, monitoring andfail over capabilites Aoswern A Question 5 A large Retailer (online and “brick & mortar”) processes data for analyzing marketng campaigns for their loyalty club members. The current process takes weeks for processing only 15% of social data. What is the most costefectve platorm for processing and analyzing campaign results from social data on a daily basis using 155% dataset? A. Enterprise Data Warehouse B. BigInsights Open Data Platorm C. High Speed Mainfraime Processing D. In Memory Computng Aoswern B Explanatonn Referencesn htpn::www.ibm.com:developerworks:data:library:techartcle:dm-1115biginsightsintro: Question 6 Which of the following is NOT a valid Service Uevel Agreement (SUA) metric? A. Mean tme between failures B. Mean tme to repair C. Identfcaton to responsible party D. Identfcaton of failing component

  4. Aoswern D Explanatonn Referencesn htpsn::en.wikipedia.org:wiki:Service-levelDagreement Question 7 As an Independent Sofware Vendor (ISV), you are tasked with creatng a soluton to harness the big data to beter understand customer sentments around your client’s product. In order to develop a soluton, you want to select the sofware components that are going to provide the most compatbility with new open source components. In additon to Hadoop and any other sofware components you may need, which one of the following would you select that is part of the inital release of the Open Data Platorm (ODP)? A. Spark B. Ambari C. Hive D. HBase Aoswern B Explanatonn Referencesn htpn::hortonworks.com:innovaton:open-data-platorm: Question 8 As data architect, understanding where patent data resides, how is it related, and how you defne security and privacy policies resuires knowledge of each of the following? A. PII Data B. HIPAA Resuirements C. Privacy by design D. Data storage in HDFS Aoswern B Question 9 Which of the following is true about Cloudant? A. It is a byte-value store B. It is available as a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) C. It runs remotely in the cloud and not on a local system D. It ofers SLU access to data

  5. Aoswern B Explanatonn Referencesn htpn::www-51.ibm.com:sofware:data:cloudant: Question 10 Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding cloud based solutons? A. In a Platorm as a Service Cloud deployment, the customer chooses the operatng system they want to use B. Automated recovery from hardware or network failures is not possible in a public cloud implementaton, onlyin a private clouds C. There are benefts to use the cloud even for small-scale applicatons D. Using frewalls to create network boundaries is sufcient for ensuring cloud security Aoswern C Sectonn (none) Explanaton Explanatonn Referencesn htpn::www.ibm.com:developerworks:cloud:library:cl-cloudappdevelop:

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