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For Training Advisers 19 th October 2013 Welcome. Pow-Wow. Introductions. Margaret and Co – ‘caterers’ Janet Hall – DCC (Adult Support) Nicky Allen – LTM South and Taunton Tony Dyson – LTM Frome. The Usual Stuff …. PW 6 2013 - What are we covering today?. Welcome

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  1. For Training Advisers 19th October 2013 Welcome Pow-Wow

  2. Introductions Margaret and Co – ‘caterers’ Janet Hall – DCC (Adult Support) Nicky Allen – LTM South and Taunton Tony Dyson – LTM Frome

  3. The Usual Stuff…

  4. PW 6 2013 - What are we covering today? Welcome Updates, HQ Changes,Somerset Training, and Somerset Database Does this Module fit my learner? Coffee and Comfort Break Updates to M11 and M17, + workbooks Lunch County Exec Members leave Supporting Learners through e-learning TA feedback on learners attending Modules How was today? - Safe Journey Home

  5. Updates Updates from Scouting HQ

  6. April 2013

  7. TA Role Descriptor – Previous version

  8. Adults Personal File Updates – Jan 2013


  10. August 2012.

  11. Training Advisers Guide – Jan 2013


  13. Scouting for All – Module 7 • Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion • Includes thoughts on own beliefs and values • Scout Association Policies • Equal Opportunities and our responsibilities within it • Social, cultural and religious diversity

  14. Module Matrix 2013

  15. Fundamentals 2013 Purpose Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. Values As Scouts we are guided by these values: Integrity We act with integrity; we are honest, trustworthy and loyal. Respect We have self-respect and respect for others. Care We support others and take care of the world in which we live. Belief We explore our faiths, beliefs and attitudes. Cooperation We make a positive difference; we cooperate with others and make friends.

  16. Method • Scouting takes place when young people, in partnership with adults, work together based on the values of Scouting and: • ·                enjoy what they are doing and have fun; • ·                take part in activities indoors and outdoors; • ·                learn by doing; • ·                share in spiritual reflection; • ·                take responsibility and make choices; • ·                undertake new and challenging activities; and • ·                make and live by their Promise.

  17. New alternative wording of the Promise:effective from 1 JAN 2014 • On my honour, I promise that I will domy best • To uphold our Scout values, to do my duty to the Queen, • To help other people • And to keep the Scout Law. For Cub Scout section (ages 8 to 10½): • I promise that I will do my best • To uphold our Scout values, to do my duty to the Queen, • To help other people • And to keep the Cub Scout Law. For Beaver Scout section (ages 6 to 8): • I promise to do my best • To be kind and helpful and to love our world.

  18. Updates for Somerset County Scouts

  19. Ongoing Safety Training • Available from January 2013 • For all appointments which have an appointment review? • Valid for 5 years • 2ish hours of training • Supplements and builds on M1 safety training • Priority to those who have not haven’t completed M1 in the past 5 years

  20. 33 Troops received the presentation since Oct 2011 – 575 Scouts 8 x ESUs – about 94 Explorer Scouts Aim to deliver to 4 troops/units each half term

  21. Updates for Somerset County Scouts HQ new system – Compass Live in 2014, rolled out by county

  22. Somerset DB Changes S1 – ongoing Safety training Traffic lights email to all line managers Termly email to all who need to renew within the next 6 months Training opportunities Mid term email to all Tas

  23. Somerset DB Changes Course Staff emailer Monthly email to remind Directors/ Trainers/ Helpers Activity Renewals Monthly email of renewal dates for Archery and Shooting (not permitted activities)

  24. Somerset DB Changes Adult Confidential Information Special Needs Dietary Medical Info Printed out at end of course sign in sheet

  25. Any Questions

  26. Session 2 Does my learner fit this Module?

  27. Session 2 Why do we do PLPs? Does my adult (volunteer!) have learning needs (training) How done? Course eLearning Workbook

  28. Session 2 Course positives Meet other people Assign the time and go away Interactive Course negatives Fixed time/location When is the next course?

  29. Session 2 eLearning & workbook positives Cover later in the day eLearning & workbook negatives Cover later in the day

  30. Session 2 Skill of the TA to determine If any learning is required (all or part of the module) Best learning method (for the individual)

  31. Session 2 You need to know The module objectives (see file on web site documents section) Pages from APF and TA guide

  32. An example Module 9 – Working With Adults Learning Objectives APF TAG Any problems?

  33. An example Module 8 – Skills Of Leadership Learning Objectives APF TAG Any problems? Systematic Planning Tool Action Centred Leadership Model

  34. Planning and Leadership A simple modelDOOR! Decide Organise Operate Review

  35. Planning and Leadership Decide What is needed or wanted What do you want to achieve When is it required Who is going to be involved How long you have to do it

  36. Planning and Leadership Organise Keep to the plan Utilise resources effectively Identify skills needed Communicate – what are you going to do Gain commitment

  37. Planning and Leadership Operate Get on and do it ! Adjust as appropriate / required Check with the plan Communicate – how are we getting on.

  38. Planning and Leadership Review Did you achieve the task How well did it go What could you learn for the future Communicate – feedback and thanks

  39. Group Task # 1 In your Group, plan how you would build the tallest free standing tower possible from the materials provided usingDOOR. You have 5 minutes to plan (during which time you cannot start assembly or join any pieces and only one person in the group can touch the pieces). You have 3 minutes to build the tower (all the group can touch the pieces) You have 2 minutes to review

  40. Planning and Leadership Action Centered Leadership Assist in achieving theTASK Maintain theGROUP Support theINDIVIDUAL

  41. Group Task # 2 Within your Group, examine eachelement [Task - Group - Individual] and consider the responsibilities of the LEADER in each case. Under each heading, list these responsibilities. The Group should then be prepared to share their thoughts back to the Course. You have 10 minutes.

  42. Time for Coffee – already!! Please be back in 10 minutes

  43. Session 3 Updates to M11 and M17

  44. Module 11Administration for all. What it means to us now.

  45. Module 11 • State the importance and value of maintaining accurate records and accounts • List the records that need to be maintained within their Section, Group, District or County and the ways in which they can be stored and managed. • Keep records in accordance with the Data Protection Act, POR or other relevant regulations and legislation. • Describe the various adult application forms and what they are used for. • Explain the financial responsibilities ad procedures relevant to their role in their Section, Group, District or County. • Outline the insurance arrangements for Section, Group, District or County activities, events, property and/or equipment, as relevant to their role.

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