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Attendance and Engagement Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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Attendance and Engagement Policy

Attendance and Engagement Policy

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Attendance and Engagement Policy

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  1. To register your attendance you must tap in your UEL student ID card on the attendance card reader inside all classrooms at the start of each lesson. Don’t forget your ID card as you will be marked as absent! You can swipe in no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your timetabled class. If you attend less than 75% of your timetabled classes or you are persistently and/or substantially late to class you could face being withdrawn from your module/programme subject to an appeal. You should report ALL absences using the online Absence Form available at Your absence will still be recorded factually as an absence and you may still face the consequence of being withdrawn; however, keeping us informed will allow us to take your circumstances into consideration. Attendance and Engagement Policy

  2. Attendance = Success- Strange but true! This graph correlates actual attendance and attainment rates of UEL students

  3. Your Timetable • Your timetable is online and will tell you where you need to go. • You can access it on a phone or tablet. • You should bookmark the calendar address and check it daily. • Remember, if you do not swipe in to the correct room at the correct time you will be marked as absent.

  4. The Campus AVA.1.46 Building Floor Room Number • There are several buildings at Docklands and Stratford campuses. • Find your classrooms in advance and make sure you have the right campus.

  5. Attendance Record • You should check your attendance and swipe record regularly to make sure you have correctly registered your attendance. • You should also regularly monitor your student • email account for attendance updates.

  6. Remember, you can seek support from the University’s available services to help overcome any issues that may be leading to any attendance issues. Our support services include Student Health and Wellbeing, Student Money Advice and Rights Team, and our Disability and Dyslexia Unit. Further details can be found in the ‘My Support’ section available at; The Students’ Union is also available to provide advice and support you throughout your time at the University, details about their services can be found at; Further details on the Attendance Policy, including Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at; Faulty card reader? Contact IT Services: 020 8223 2468. Lost or Faulty ID card? Go to the Student Life Helpdesk Support and Advice