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  2. The NFLbyMark Shepherd

  3. The NFL officially started in 1920 with only ten teams. It was also called the American Professional Football Association.(APFA) Start of the NFL

  4. Players use to wear leather helmets but, they didn't do much help. So, they made plastic on the outside to dispense impact. They also made air cushions to go on the inside of the helmet. Helmets

  5. Shoes have become a big part of the NFL because they could be the cause of a knee injury if a player is wearing the wrong type of shoe. That is also why a NFL team can use about 2,500 pairs of shoes in a single year! Shoes

  6. Most NFL wide receivers use Nike gloves. They also voted that their favorite pair of gloves are cutters. Gloves

  7. Football is a very rough sport so as you can imagine there are quite a few injuries. Some common injuries are torn ACLs,shoulder dislocations,ankle sprains,concussions,broken bones,and that is just the beginning. Injuries

  8. There is currently 32 NFL teams. Most teams were formed at different time periods. The first team founded was the Green Bay Packers in 1919 the last was the Houston Texans founded in 1999. Teams Today

  9. The formation below is a formation called shotgun. The quarter back (QB) will most likely take the snap and throw it or hand it off to the half back (HB) Main Positions

  10. Overtime is when the game is tied and its the end of the 4th quarter. So, the teams re-do the coin flip and first team to score wins. Overtime

  11. Once your team wins the super bowl of course your team parties. Though, once the season is over there is one more game with the best players in the NFL. Then your season is over and you can retire or play another year. Winning the Super Bowl

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