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How to Write A Bill PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Write A Bill

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How to Write A Bill
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How to Write A Bill

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  1. How to Write A Bill

  2. What is a Bill ? A bill is when you establish a new law A constitution amendment is a change or add to the constitution

  3. Format of a Bill There are three parts to a bill Heading Rationale Provisions

  4. Heading Your heading should include: You and your partners name include senator and house or representative Bill title

  5. Heading (cont.) Example: A BILL TO CREATE A FLAT TAX Sponsored by: Senator First, Last Name, School Representative First, Last Name, School

  6. Rationale Your rationale is a paragraph explain WHY your bill is important In other words, why it should be passed It should be NO shorter than a paragraph

  7. Rationale (cont.) Example: The current federal tax code is an overly complex system that attempts to redistribute wealth by assessing higher tax rates on the wealthy than on the middle and lower classes. Wealthy individuals foil the system by finding as many loopholes as possible to cut their tax liabilities. The fairest way to assess taxes is to have everyone pay the same percentage of their income with no deductions allowed

  8. Provisions This is the last part of your bill You state what will happen once your bill is passed If you don’t give an amount of time its assumed to happen within 90 days

  9. Provisions (cont.) Example Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, that: Section 1. The Internal Revenue Code shall be amended to impose on the taxable income of every individual a tax equal to 19 percent of the taxable income of such individual for such taxable year. Section 2. The Internal Revenue Code will further be amended to eliminate all personal income tax deductions

  10. Final Touches At the end of your bill you must put all your personal information, including email, phone number, address, and name Remember to use professional spelling and grammar

  11. Example: Brian Lazarus 60 Washington St. Lincoln, WA 98989 483/555-5555