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Service Creation Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Creation Environment

Service Creation Environment

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Service Creation Environment

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  1. Service Creation Environment SpeechTek West, San Fransisco, February 20th 2007 Manish Sharma, Ph.D. Nortel

  2. Today’s Tools: Dialog Development • GUI based Dialog Development tools • Developer Focused

  3. Automate Business Process Workflows Not just Call Flow Dialogs • Full Application deployment lifecycle support • Business Analyst Focused • Integrated Self-Service and agent-assisted work flow • Automation of Communication elements of a Business Process Workflow Illustration: Tech Support Workflow

  4. S O A License Manager CTI Connector CRM Connector Database SMTP Outbound SMS Authentication Billing CDRs Existing Services 3rd Party Services What technologies will help us get there? Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services Provide the Building Blocks SOA provides the Unifying Glue VoiceXML, CCXML, SIP Standards based Communications

  5. Composite Service 2 Send SMS to nearby buddies Send SMS by location Composite Service 1 Presence Send SMS Get location Send SMS by location Leaf Service Send SMS Get location Buddy list Service Logic “Send SMS” when I am within x km radius of y Send SMS Service Logic “Send SMS” when I am within x km radius of y Service Logic Repeat “Send SMS by Location” for each member of my “Buddy List” who is near me and online The Creation of Composite Services • Leaf Service: Base level of functionality available in CSF environment • Composite Service: Aggregates leaf services or other composite services to provide new functionality

  6. What technologies will help us get there? • Business Process Management (BPM) software: • IBM Websphere Process Server • BEA Weblogic Workshop • Microsoft Connected Services Framework • Oracle Fusion Middleware • Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) • • Business Rule Management System (BRMS) software • iLOG JRules

  7. Nortel Service Creation Environment (SCE) • Full Service creation life cycle support • Integrated Self-Service and agent-assisted work flow • Business Analyst and Designer friendly • Open design for CTI extensions, Business Application integration

  8. In Summary … • Current Dialog Development tools are developer focused • Next generation Dialog management tools will be Business analyst focused • They will implement Communication elements of Business process workflows, not just call flow dialogs • They will be media-contact channel agnostic • They will improve ease of service introductions • The technologies (SOA, VoiceXML, CCXML, SIP, BPM, BPEL, BRMS) that will make this happen for us are already here..

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