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  1. Landscape Theme in more detail By Sam Loftus

  2. reason • I like the theme of landscape as it’s a very varied area, but is mainly natural as it’s the wide open plains with give a bigger view of the world as there is no limit to give the perfect image but takes time to get the perfect lighting.

  3. Ansel Easton Adams • He lived from February 20, 1902 till the age of 82 in 1984, April 22 • His work varies all over the globe from Mc Donald Lake in Glacier National Park to The Tetons and Snake River. • With this picture the idea was to show how far every thing is as the moon the is small compared to the whole night sky. This is prosived well within the image.

  4. His work

  5. Roberto Sysa Moiola • this photographer was born in Morbegno (SO), in Valtellina, in 1978. • He works with main magazines like SnaPixel Landscape.

  6. His work

  7. Adam Burton • He is one of the UK’s leading landscape photography. • I like his work a it’s a long exposure to get a smooth effect of the water. If that be the tide of a raging river. He doesn’t go for a fully clear image.

  8. His Work

  9. Miles Morgan • some of his images are daring and dangers like the picture of lava on the surface where his shoes and tripod melted on the hot rock. • But some are safer like the light house and the small waterfall.

  10. His Work

  11. Nejdet Duzen • His work is of the compaction of boats on still water across the world. • I like the image in the bottom right as the healthy green water contrasts with the red and bleach white boat on the softly rippling water.

  12. His Work

  13. Robert Frank • This photographer was when colour film wasn’t developed but it doesn’t alter the effect of the landscape or the compaction of the photos. • I like the image in the bottom right as the road just endlessly to the vanishing point/herein.

  14. His work

  15. Miles Morgan’s: lava picture This image to start wasn’t taken in the safest place in the world it was taken in Hawaii, close to the lava flows of the Kilauea volcano. I like this picture as it’s not a picture anyone wants to replicate making it one of a kind. He risked a lot to get these amazing images and still came out with melted shoes and tripod. This shows to me that this image is unique in its own way. The colour of the glowing orange lava in the foreground contrast against the deep blue of the ocean crashing upon the shore. Shows how islands were made and how the land fights the sea. The compaction of the peace has the vast ocean in the corner and the land in the opposite it and the gloomy sky sets the mood of the image to allow the lavas burning glow shine throw the black rock. But it all wouldn’t work if the little boat on the rule of thread line making it pleasing to the eye.

  16. Miles Morgan: light house light The light beams coming from the light house is a long exposure shot with the shutter closing in regular internals to give this serial effect. With the stars in the back ground it puts a surtitle blend from the sun set on the horizon. With the light house not in the center of the photograph it allows the use to see the wide expanse of water with the light covers, the light house shape and colour is enchased by the silowet of the cliff in the star light sky.

  17. Nejdet Duzen:boat on the green lagoon It’s said that “to get the best pictures you must travel” in this case yes as the vibrant red and white of the boat to the green and nave blue lagoon its in and it’s all on the one side of the picture. And the smaller boat in the top left corner is on the line of the rule of thread. And with the object of interest in the foreground, also the reflection of the boat fills the photograph instead of just blue/green water.

  18. Nejdet Duzen:boat on the lake This photographer has used the same vibrant colours of the boat and the lake. But the boats aren’t on the one side of the image but within the rule of threads squares. Not on the points of them. By breaking this rule it still pleasurable to look at. Still the photo would look empty with out the smaller boat in the background.

  19. Roberto Sysa Moiola:Salt plain horizon. This is an amazing photograph as the vast emptiness of the salt plains with this you can see the curvier of the earth seeing the mountains on the outer background and the lined clouds above, finally with the sun in the right hand side tells me that he as waited all day for this shot, were the shadow of the Cracks of the earth a creating Shaded imprints of there Shape.

  20. Roberto Sysa Moiolajun beach This image is another natural glory the high picked sand and the crashing waves washing it away and the colour contrast of the brown sand and the blue ocean with white foamed waves. Putting him self to face the sand wall the juns look massive compared to the low baring waves. The compassion of the peace is remarkable as the long dessert is cut out to show more of the contrast between the sand and The ocean.