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Luxury hotel in Antalya PowerPoint Presentation
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Luxury hotel in Antalya

Luxury hotel in Antalya

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Luxury hotel in Antalya

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  1. Barut Hotels Luxury hotel in Antalya

  2. Luxury Stay In Antalya Today, Barut Hotels are a giant army of happiness with over 3000 professional employees. Who could estimate the magnitude of our family with over 250,000 guests visiting every year and the ratio of almost half of them being returning guests! Barut Hotels improve and present their amicability with the world gained through people, the environment, nature and their love for history with a sustainable quality of service. We continue to write our own colourful history with the happiness of our guests. The only way to experience this pride, is to join us for at least one season.

  3. Antalya 5 Star Hotel At Barut Hotels, we take up the responsibility of protecting the Mediterranean with all its beauty. We have adopted a respect for the environment we live in as one of our main principles; indeed we chose the name of some of our resorts based on these natural riches. We grow ornamental plants in our greenhouses and share all produce with our guests. At Barut Hotels, we obtain almost all our citrus fruits, which are indigenous to the Mediterranean, from our own gardens that are cared for by horticultural experts. We founded greenhouses where we grow the seasonal ornamental plants we need, and where we care for our indoor landscape plants. We also grow certain outdoor plants and trees in our greenhouses. At Barut Hotels we respect nature and the cycle of the natural world. We contribute to the unique environment of the Mediterranean and offer our guests organic flavours and a promise of a “healthy holiday”. We are proud to have been able to offer health, freshness and flavour to all our guests in the 41 years we have spent as a host in the unique nature of the Mediterranean. Our professionals who transform your time into your happiness are at your side throughout the year; summer, autumn, winter and spring!

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  5. Contact Us • Barut Hotels • Güzeloba Mahallesi Yaşar Sobutay Bulvarı No:30 • Antalya, Turkey • 07235 • Phone: +90 242 352 22 00 •