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Demon Possession and Deliverance in Clinical Practice

Demon Possession and Deliverance in Clinical Practice. Willliam P. Wilson, MD Distinguished Professor of Counseling Houston Graduate School of Theology (NC) Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry Duke University Medical Center. Demonization. Christianity as a moral force has lost its influence.

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Demon Possession and Deliverance in Clinical Practice

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  1. Demon Possession and Deliverance in Clinical Practice Willliam P. Wilson, MD Distinguished Professor of Counseling Houston Graduate School of Theology (NC) Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry Duke University Medical Center

  2. Demonization • Christianity as a moral force has lost its influence. • Heresy and apostasy are rife • People are worshiping false gods • The authority of the Bible has been compromised • Universalism has become a common belief • The supernatural is rejected • The reality of personified evil is rejected

  3. Supernaturalism Cosmology • Norbert Wiener and others have stated that there are 7 dimensions of existence. Three of these are supernatural • Thinking about thinking provides evidence of the supernatural in our lives • Jesus= resurrection was a supernatural event • Jesus could appear and disappear in a supernatural way after his resurrection • His wounds could be seen and felt • He could eat food • He ascended into heaven

  4. Supernaturalism Continued • Jesus apperared to Paul after he had ascended into heaven • In his commissioning of Paul he told him he was to turn people from the devil to God • Paul was taken up to the third heaven and witnessed inexspressible things

  5. Satan and the Supernatural Evil • Evil exists and man has always wanted to control it. • Most nations have tried to control it. There are universal taboos • Modern society has thought it could control it by joining forces with it • The Bible is clear in its statement that evil entered the world through Satan. • But few people today believe that Satan exists. This is true of the theological and mental health professions • Therefore, there is no spiritual warfare

  6. Evidence Biblical exegetes • There are a number of prominent theologians who have written extensively about him. • Barnhouse • Unger • Koch • Pentecost • Davies • All have carefully exegeted the biblical evidence related to Satan.

  7. Mental Health Attitudes • Most theologians, pastors, and secular mental health professionals do not believe that Satan exists. • Most Christian mental health professionals equivocate or do not speak of Satan because they do not want to suffer the derision or rejection of their unregenerate colleagues • Some do take Satan seriously

  8. Satan=s Strategy • He convinces people he does not exist • He convinces people that God does not exist. • He tells us we we can be like God. • We are hardwired to seek a god • He then offers us false gods • He convinces people that the Bible has no authority • He gets people to become so preoccupied with Demons that his reality appears foolish

  9. Satan=s Strategy • Barnhouse quotes Baudelaire and De Rougemont as saying his cleverest stratagem is to convince the world he does not exist. • The Bible speaks about him and his works in many places.

  10. Satan=s Strategy Continued • He spreads false knowledge. Myths (Kraft) • Christians cannot be demonized (false) • Many people are possessed by demons (few) • Demonization is really all psychological (J. White) • All emotional problems are are caused by demons (false) • Demonization is uncommon in the US (False) • Only persons with special gifting can cast out demons (false) • Deliverance always entails a big fight (rarely)

  11. Satan=s Stratgegy Continued • The demonized speak in different voices (only those who are truly possessed)

  12. The Truth About Satan • An evil supernatural person really exists. Jesus said so, and the Bible is explicit in speaking of his existence from beginning to end • He has supernatural followers that are organized • Rulers-over countries • Principalities-over states and cities • Powers-over areas • Demons-foot soldiers

  13. The Truth About Satan Continued • Satan is a created being • His troops are created beings • God and his son Jesus have power over them and they can do nothing without his permission • Satan has personality characteristics • He is a murderer • He is a liar • He is the author of temptation • He is a great imitator

  14. The Truth about Satan Continued • He is the ruler of the world • He rules the lives of unregenerate people • He seeks to destroy all people because we are created in the image of God • He is an evangelist. He wants all people to worship him

  15. Nosology of Demonization • Demon Possession • Oppression • Obsession (fanaticism) • Satanic possession

  16. Portals of Entry • They may be invited in • They may enter when a person in a state of rebellion pays satanically contrived games • They gain entry and influence through strongholds • Any habitual way of thinking or behaving that is contrary to God=s law. It may be personal or cultural • Belonging to occult groups • Attendance at occult ceremonies

  17. Other Views Attributing too much to Satan • Hammonds: • Emotional problems • Mental problems • Speech problems • Sex problems • Addictions • Physical infirmities • Religious error • Bobgans list over 200 demons

  18. Other Views Recent more temperate views • Don Basham agreed essentially with Nevius • McNutt • Unger • Wilson • Koch • Charles Kraft • Neil Anderson

  19. Criteria for Demonization Possession According to Nevius • There is an automatic presentation of a new personality in the victim both cognitively and behaviorally • They have names • They have attributes that harmonize with their name • Facial expressions • Body posture and movements

  20. Possession Continued • The personality possesses supernatural knowledge and intellectual power • There is a complete change of moral character • There is a hatred to God and especially to Christ

  21. Case Report Possession • Thirty year old female who had falling spell precipitated by asking her if she had made Jesus Lord of her life • Bruised • Turned violent when help offered • Facial expression of hate • Supernatural strength • Her spells lasted up to 15 minutes

  22. Oppression Symptoms • He robs a person of the joy of their salvation • He convinces them the essence of Christianity is to obey the law • He instills a supernatural fear of God • He is the source of temptations • He creates doubt in the mind of a believer • They feel a sense of blackness around them

  23. Case Report Oppression • 24 year old Christian worker with a complaint of depression • Dysfunctional home, father committed suicide when he was 9. Patient and mother cleaned up • Medications, spiritual interventions and cognitive behavioral therapy of no avail • Much worse while in China • Wrote vile descriptions of his parents, but claimed he did not do it • Holy Spirit revealed that he was demon oppressed

  24. Obsession Manifestations • Feel they cannot be saved • Cannot accept a trinitarian view of God • Instill a supernatural fear of God making him appear super wrathful • Create chronic doubt • Constantly bring temptation before the person

  25. Satanic Possession A question • McCanlish Phillips has proposed that Satan himself can control a person • Judas had Satan enter him to cause him to betray Christ • I have seen five persons who meet his criteria • They are evil looking • One discerns that they are evil • The are violently antiChrist • In many instances they are murderous • And they may be liars • They do not meet the criteria for possession

  26. Case Report Possible satanic possession • A prominent layman in a mainline church • Attended a lay revival • Was disruptive and encouraged the people in attendance to go home • Threatened lay staff • Finally threatened me • Very hostile and evil looking • When rebuked he finally left

  27. Deliverance Application • Deliverance is to be applied to all forms of demonization and satanic possession • All born again Chistians have the capacity to deliver demonized persons • They have the same power that Jesus had • All they have to do is to confront the demon or discern his presence or influence • If the demon creates a fuss or acts up you can command him to be still • You must then authoritatively command him by name (if you know it) to leave in the name of Jesus with no fuss or bother

  28. Deliverance Application continued • If the demon hesitates or refuses to go you can command him to go more authoritively and he will usually go. • Some are highly resistant and you have to continue to command them to go and remind them that they were defeated at the Cross and Jesus= blood bought the victory • If you suspect it will be difficult then have some prayer backup • Once they are free, lead them to the Lord or have them rededicate their lives if they are already a Christian • Teach them to maintain their spiritual immunity • The Lord=s Prayer saying, Adeliver us from the evil one@ is a good prayer of deliverance

  29. Personal Care What the counselor needs to be, know and do • You must be a mature Christian • You must maintain your spiritual immunity • Regularly practice the means of Grace • Pray • Remain in the word • Celebrate the Eucharist • Praise and worship God regularly • If so gifted pray in tongues regularly • Do all things for the glory of God (1Cor:10:31)

  30. Some Comments of Use Taking Satan seriously • I routinely have a patient who is accepting Christ repudiate Satan and all his works • If I suspect or discern demon possession I have the patient say AJesus is Lord.@ This will cause most demons to reveal themselves • After I finish my work up of a Christian patient I pray that all demonic forces be bound and taken to Jesus for disposition

  31. Some Coments of Use Continued • If the person=s faith is weak I have them rededicate their lives to Christ • And be sure they have been discipled or will be

  32. Scripture References Old and New Testaments • Old Testament • Genesis 3:1-15 Enmity: Man vs Satan • Genesis 4:1-6, 6:1-10 Man attacked by Satan • Job 38:1-7, Ezekiel, Lucifer created • Psalm 95:5, Idols are demons • Deut. 32:17, same • Psalm 106:6,7, same • Leviticus 17-7, same

  33. Scripture References # 2 • Chronicles 11:15, same • Isaiah 13:21, 14:12, 34:14, Same • New Testament • Matthew 4: 1-12, Satan=s opposition • Mark 5: 1-10, same • Matthew 10:1, Jesus expelled demons • Matthew 14:22,28, Satan=s opposition again • Luke 10:17,18, same

  34. Scripture References # 3 • James 2:19, Speaks of demons • Revelation 9:20, Same • Luke 4:33, 6:18, Their nature • 1 Timothy 4:1, Their activities • Revelation 16:14, Same • Ephesians 6:10-20, Their opposition to a believer • Luke 8:31, Their abode • Revelation 9:11 his name in Greek and Hebrew • Matthew 25:41, Their eternal doom

  35. References Three Critical • Barnhouse, D. G. The Invisible War, Grand Rapids, MN: Zondervan 1965 • Davies, T.W. Divination and Demonology, London: James Clark and company, 1998 • Montgomery, J.W. (Ed) Demon Possession, Minneapolis MN: Bethany Fellowship, 1976

  36. Dr. Wilson=s Addresses Website WWW.instchristiangrowth.org Email wpwilson@netpath.net • Mailing address • Institute of Christian Growth • Box 2347 • Burlington, NC • 27216-2347 • Phone and Fax • Phone 336-229-6049 • Fax 336-570-1392

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