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PowerBUilder Futures PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerBUilder Futures

PowerBUilder Futures

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PowerBUilder Futures

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  1. PowerBUilder Futures Bruce Armstrong TeamSybase

  2. Features Since PowerBuilder 11.0 • PowerBuilder 11.1 • Incremental rebuild for .NET Targets • PowerBuilder 11.2 • Certificate Store Support for Smart Client-published Applications • Usability and UI Enhancements • Database Connectivity Enhancements • Enabling the DEBUG Condition for ORCA and OrcaScript • Application Pools for Web Forms in IIS7 • Telerik RadControls Support • EAServer Support for .NET-deployed PowerBuilder Clients • AJAX Functionality for WebForm-Deployed Applications

  3. PowerBuilder Videos For more PowerBuilder 11.x detail… • •

  4. PowerBuilder 11.5Overview

  5. Products Packaged with PowerBuilder 11.5 ! Premiums Packaged with PowerBuilder 11.5!

  6. Packaged with PowerBuilder 11.5 ! • PocketBuilder 2.5 • PowerBuilder Application Server Plug-in 1.1 • PowerBuilder Skills for Heterogeneous Environments • Mobile • J2EE • .NET • Client/Server

  7. PowerBuilder 11.5 PowerBuilder 11.5 Features

  8. PowerBuilder 11.5 .NET Code Access Security

  9. .NET Code Access Security (CAS) • Allows you to test your application under various security sandbox settings within the IDE • Security restrictions after deployment • WebForm – based on web.config on web server • WebService - based on web.config on web server • WinForm – based on user machine policy and location • SmartClient – based on manifest file packaged with app • Assembly – based on referencing application

  10. .NET Code Access Security (CAS) • WinForm / SmartClient • Generate (No Manifest/External/Embedded) • Execution Rights • Administrator • Highest Available • As Invoker • Security Levels • Full trust • Local intranet trust • Internet trust • Custom

  11. .NET Code Access Security (CAS) • WebForm / Web Service • Security Levels • Full trust • Custom • Assembly • No Security Tab

  12. PowerBuilder 11.5 PNG Graphics Support

  13. PNG Support • PowerBuilder 11.5 supports the Portable Networks Graphics (PNG) file format for images in… • Menus • Toolbars • Treeview controls • DataWindow objects • PNG images have an “alpha” channel for transparency • Transparent portions of a PNG image display the background color gradient of the control to which they are assigned

  14. PowerBuilder 11.5 FDCC Compliance

  15. FDCC Compliance • The Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) is a security standard • Mandated by the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

  16. FDCC Compliance • To meet the FDCC security requirements, PowerBuilder 11.5 can be installed only by a system administrator However… • PowerBuilder • Applications that you develop with PowerBuilder …are designed to be run in a standard user context without elevated system administration privileges

  17. FDCC Compliance • Most PowerBuilder files install by default to Program Files\Sybase subdirectories • Write access to these subdirectories is restricted to administrative users • FDCC requires all writable files must be copied or installed to directories where standard users have write access

  18. FDCC Compliance • Writable files that are shared by all users are installed in… • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Sybase\PowerBuilder 11.5 These include… • The EASDemo databases • All Code Examples directories and files • All PowerBuilder Help files • The Translation Toolkit directories and files

  19. FDCC Compliance • Other writable files are installed in the default Program Files\Sybase subdirectories but: • Are copied to different locations the first time a user starts PowerBuilder • There will be as many copies of these files as there are standard users who use PowerBuilder

  20. FDCC Compliance

  21. PowerBuilder 11.5 Transaction Object Enhancement

  22. Transaction Object Enhancement PowerBuilder 11.5 adds two new events for the Transaction object… • DBError • SQLPreview

  23. Transaction Object Enhancement With Embedded SQL… • Whenever an error occurs in the Transaction object, the DBError event is called • The error code and error message are passed to the event • The SQLPreview event on the Transaction object is triggered before SQL statements are passed to the DBMS

  24. Transaction Object Enhancement DBError in concert with a DataStore or a DataWindow… • DataWindow/DataStore DBError event is triggered before the DBError event of the Transaction object To coordinate these two events… • Two additional return values have been added for the DataWindow DBError event • The meaning of the existing return values is expanded to indicate whether the Transaction Object's DBError event should be fired

  25. Transaction Object Enhancement …cont’d…In concert with a DataStore or a DataWindow… • If the return value of the DataWindow or DataStore’s SQLPreview event is 0: • Continue processing • The Transaction object's SQLPreview event is triggered

  26. PowerBuilder 11.5 Remote Deployment of .NET Web Targets

  27. Remote Deployment of .NET Web Targets • PowerBuilder 11.5 .NET targets do not require you to have IIS installed on the development computer When you deploy directly to a remote computer… • System information about the deployment computer, including its OS and IIS versions, is passed to PowerBuilder… • …through the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interface

  28. Remote Deployment of .NET Web Targets If you deploy to an MSI setup file… • Run the setup file on a deployment computer • PowerBuilder can use the Windows API to obtain information about the OS and IIS versions on that computer

  29. Remote Deployment of .NET Web Targets • When you attempt to deploy Web Target projects on Vista or Windows 2008 under a standard user account…

  30. Remote Deployment of .NET Web Targets • The User Account Control (UAC) dialog box displays • This dialog box allows you to elevate your privileges for the purpose of deployment

  31. Remote Deployment of .NET Web Targets Deploying .NET targets to a remote Windows Vista or Windows 2008 computer might require changes to… • UAC • Windows firewall • Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) settings

  32. PowerBuilder 11.5 Support for MS SQL Server 2008

  33. SQL Server 2008 Driver:Transaction Object Syntax • New Database Connection Parameter – “Provider” • Use the “SQLNCLI10” Provider value • Required to take advantage of new features • Default Provider value is SQLNCLI • Only supports SQL Server 2005 features Example: SQLCA.DBParm = “Provider='SQLNCLI10‘”

  34. SQL Server 2008 Driver :Mirroring Support • High availability feature • Manual or Automatic failover supported • For Automatic failover, a third server is required • Acts as a “Witness“

  35. SQL Server 2008 Driver :Mirroring Support • When failover occurs, the existing client connection is lost • Client has to reconnect and reattempt the operation After re-connection: • DBNotification Event will be triggered in transaction object • Notification argument value… DBFailover! = 2

  36. SQL Server 2008 Driver :Mirroring Support • New DB Parameter – “FailoverPartner” • e.g.: SQLCA.DBParm = "FailoverPartner=‘SETIFund'"

  37. SQL Server 2008 Driver :New Data Types - Caveats • DATE and TIME • TIME & DATETIME2 types • Have 0-7 fractional seconds precision. • PowerBuilder supports 0-6 fractional seconds precision. • DATETIMEOFFSET - not supported in PowerBuilder 11.5

  38. SQL Server 2008 Driver :New Data Types New Data Types (cont’d): CLR Types • HIERARCHYID • SPATIAL DATA – GEOGRAPHY & GEOMETRY • UDT – User defined CLR Types …seen by PowerBuilder as BLOBs or as Hexadecimal STRINGs… …OR…

  39. SQL Server 2008 Driver :New Data Types CLR Types (cont’d): • CLR type methods can be used in… • ISQL, Embedded/Dynamic SQL, DataWindow data source • Resolved by the DBMS! Select EmpId, EmpName, EmpNode.ToString(),EmpNode.GetLevel() from Emp Select id, GeomCol.STAsText(),GeomCol.STGeometryType(),GeomCol.STArea() from SpatialTable

  40. SQL Server 2008 Driver :New Data Types • FILESTREAM • NOT strictly a new data type but a new storage mechanism for Varbinary(max) data • Use SELECTBLOB / UPDATEBLOB

  41. SQL Server 2008 Driver :T-SQL Support • Row Constructors • INSERT INTO Employees VALUES ('tom', 25, 5), ('jerry', 30, 6); • ESQL / DSQL • FORCESEEK – Table Hint • Forces the query optimizer to use only an index seek • ESQL / DSQL and DataWindow data source • MERGE Statement • Dynamic SQL only • GROUPING SETS • ESQL / DSQL and DataWindow data source

  42. SQL Server 2008 Driver :Delayed for GA • The MS SQL Server 2008 release was delayed • The GA version of our driver cannot be included in time for the PowerBuilder 11.5 GA • Resolution: We will release PowerBuilder 11.5 with the SQL Server 2008 RC driver and support its GA in an EBF

  43. PowerBuilder 11.5 Support for Oracle 11g

  44. Oracle 11g Support • Client Access through Proxy • The Proxy User logs into the database (SQLCA.LogID) • DBPARM “ConnectAs” is used to set the End User • After the Proxy User passes authentication, SQLCA.LogID value is the End User’s id • An additional password is not needed for the End User

  45. Oracle 11g Support • OCI Connection Pooling and Session Pooling • Pools will be created for Connections or Sessions using the same ServerName and NLS_Charset

  46. Oracle 11g Support • Session Pooling • Stateless - reusable by middle tier threads • Pool is dynamically “grown” as needed • Clients are bound/unbound to/from a session in the pool at runtime • Connection Pooling • Stateful – not reusable by middle tier threads • Number of physical connection and server processes is reduced • O90 and O10 drivers used the now-deprecated CNNPool DBParm • Supported for backward compatibility • New “Pooling” DBParm • "CnnPool='Yes'“ …is now… "Pooling='Connection Pooling‘"

  47. Oracle 11g Support • Implicit Fetching ROWID with SELECT … FOR UPDATE statements • “ROWID” no longer needs to be explicitly added in the select items • The syntax in PowerBuilder may remain unchanged to get a rowid value

  48. Oracle 11g Support • Oracle Client Cache • Enables client-side caching of SQL query result sets • Relies on your Oracle Server and Client configuration • The “StatementCache” DBParm value must be set • “/*+ result_cache */” …query annotation is required Select /*+ result_cache */ col1, col2 from table1

  49. Oracle 11g Support • OCI Driver Name • Diagnostic aid • “AppDriverName” DPBARM parameter allows you to set your own client driver name • Client driver name can be used with dynamic performance view queries • V$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO • GV$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO • The maximum length is 8 characters

  50. Oracle 11g Support • XML data type support • Oracle XMLType data type - introduced with Oracle 9i • Mapped to the PowerBuilder String data type • However, you cannot use this data type: • In the Where clause of a PowerBuilder embedded SQL statement or in a DataWindow object • As a parameter of a procedure or DB function • In columns that you select directly in an Oracle cursor statement …cont’d…