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Custom Stickers – Do’s and Don’ts for Printing PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom Stickers – Do’s and Don’ts for Printing

Custom Stickers – Do’s and Don’ts for Printing

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Custom Stickers – Do’s and Don’ts for Printing

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  1. Custom Stickers – Do’s and Don’ts for Printing

  2. Intro When it comes to the packaging and labeling of your products, you have to consider a lot of things. There are certain strategies that can be useful for particular stickers, and there are also a few common rules to look through that can be applied to practically all labeling projects. When you designing and printing your custom sticker, you have to follow certain instructions at the same time you need to avoid some while you are printing a sticker.

  3. DON’TAdopt what works for others will work for you. When it comes to creating custom stickers, it is really important to design one according to your target audience’s tastes and preferences. For example, if you are trying to market to an elder age group, using modernistic designs or bar code label technology may not be the best way to reach them.

  4. Make claims you can’t back up Using green and eco-friendly labels on products can increase their demand. At the same time, using health, environment, or any other type of claim on your product’s labeling without verifying the validity of that statement would be a huge mistake.  Do not compromise the status or reliability of your brand just because you have to tell the customer what they like to hear.

  5. Try to fit too much at once When you begin to design a label, you may have so many extra works to do, but in order to achieve your goal, you have to concentrate on what you want to make and how to make it effective. Focus on what is really matters to you, and keep that in mind will help you reach the goal easily.

  6. DOGet innovative and tell a unique story. The packaging of your product is your chance to stand out from competitors. One of the easy ways you can do this is by including something exclusive and fascinating about the business that makes you shine brightly from others in the industry. Every customer expects to know the history and a unique story of companies they work with. So it is the best idea to add a personal touch that can improve your brand.

  7. Select the right label material  Apart from verbiage, graphics, and colors used on your label, the material type makes a more powerful effect on its overall appeal. The type of glue and adhesive you use can help to stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, choosing the right one is also very important because you have to make sure it doesn’t fade prematurely.

  8. Get a printing company that specializes in custom Stickers. Bashyam Graphics, the leading printing company in Chennai, who not only offer you a larger selection of adhesives and materials to choose from, but you will also be able to influence best-in-class technologies and features that are specific to produce labels. And above, if you need help or guidance at any point during the process, they will be able to provide you the proper guidance and expertise you need.