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Difference Between Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Decals PowerPoint Presentation
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Difference Between Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Decals

Difference Between Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Decals

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Difference Between Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Decals

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  1. Difference Between Vinyl Stickers and Vinyl Decals

  2. Introduction Most of the people think that vinyl stickers and vinyl decals are the same. But in reality, the vinyl stickers and vinyl decals are entirely different. You have to make sure which vinyl product to buy based on your requirement from vinyl sticker manufacturer in Chennai. 

  3. Vinyl Decals One major thing why the business opts for vinyl decals is that you can get various color vinyl sticker but they are showcased in only one color. As the vinyl stickers are substantially cut from a vinyl magical machine termed as a plotter or vinyl cutter. This vinyl cutter is directly linked to the computer that confesses to scan the design files. 

  4.  This plotter utilizes a very small blade to cut vinyl. This single blade cuts very deep to slice via vinyl material. After the process is completed you may observe the decal very closely as you will see lots of small lines cut into the materials.

  5. Once the vinyl cut is taken from the machine, it is placed on the table for the weeding which is defined as the excessive vinyl detached by hands. This process takes more time based on design complexity.  After the weeding process, it is sent into the taping machine where the decal is moved through the taping machine as it revolves a coating of functional tape into the decal. Now the vinyl decal is ready.

  6. Vinyl Stickers There is a wide difference between these two when you closely observe it. But one thing remains common is that both are printed on vinyl utilizing broad pattern. While manufacturing vinyl stickers, a roll of vinyl that ingests ink that looks the best for more years. To make a vinyl sticker with the feature of long-lasting, it is very much important to utilize the extra-ordinary repositionable vinyl for our stickers.

  7.  This vinyl sticker is used specifically for wall sticker as it won’t create any damage to your wall.  Single color design is too complicated in the decal, that’s why vinyl sticker is created which is a great solution. We print the details into transparent vinyl, that appears like a decal but has complete features of a vinyl sticker. 

  8. Vinyl stickers can have different shapes cut from them and they appear great when stuck to any surface. To make them appear even better we die-cut all of our stickers. After die-cut process, we send the stickers to the quality control before selling it to the customer.

  9. Thanks You Any questions? You can find me at: Phone: +91-98848 96552 / +91-98840 78579