tips for bumper sticker design and printing n.
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Tips for Bumper Sticker Design and Printing PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Bumper Sticker Design and Printing

Tips for Bumper Sticker Design and Printing

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Tips for Bumper Sticker Design and Printing

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  1. Tips for Bumper Sticker Design and Printing

  2. Introduction • In the modern hurry-burry world, many people are using cars on road travel to reach their destination quickly. • You can use bumper sticker marketing to get an excellent return on your investment. • Moreover, stickers are inexpensive to print, and once your customer bangs one on his vehicle, your message is conveyed to everybody who is caught behind the car driver or passes the car in a parking lot.

  3. Using bumper stickers is one of the popular and common forms of low-priced advertising used by all kinds of businesses. • While you travel, you can able to see all these stickers on the road, which makes them the best medium advertise your product or brand. • The fact is this kind of advertising is low-cost, so any business can design and print stickers in the home or get the work done by experts at a small pay, depending on the number of prints wanted. 

  4. Keep the design simple • You have to keep the design simple if you want to relay a message. A complex sticker will just be unnoticed and ignored by people because they don’t want to waste their valuable time trying to discover the message. • Many people have only less time to see a sticker. • So, totally avoid anything that messes the design such as, small print, long statements, and using a variety of colors.

  5. Go for a unique shape • Basically, most of the bumper stickers are rectangles. • It is not compulsory to use the same shape which is used by others, and you can customize any shape you want with a die cutter. However, you may need to pay a little extra amount for different shapes and sizes. • But it worth it and makes your sticker stand out from the competitors.

  6. Use high-contrast colors • Most people are like to look at something that is easy to read, which can be accomplished by using high-contrast colors that stand out. • However, do not use many colors, so it is not confusing. • You can use a colored background other than white use contrast color to write the message.

  7. Enhance on the space • Bumper stickers are basically used for promotional purposes and are expected to contain a singular message. • You don’t need to add your company logo or name, but you can use the extra space to put a few more information such as a website or contact information.

  8. Use a protective coating when printing • A bumper sticker is a method of outdoor advertisement, which denotes that it will be bare to the elements. • It will also be in touch with water and soap whenever the vehicle is washed. • If you use a gloss vinyl protective coating, it will help the sticker to withstand tearing and fading.

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