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Introduction Student News VTC PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction Student News VTC

Introduction Student News VTC

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Introduction Student News VTC

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  1. IntroductionStudent News VTC • Welcome to the April 2011 Student VTC. • Our next VTC will be Thursday, May 19, 2011. • If you have comments or suggestions for upcoming VTC’s, please email them to: •

  2. News What's Happening

  3. NewsUpcoming Workshops • Manual Scheduling and Auto Scheduling workshop will be May 5th at NEWESD 101 – 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM • Elementary schools will be offered Next Year Scheduling in June as usual.

  4. News Upcoming Release • May Release Weekend • 3:00 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday, May 7th, 2011 • Users must be logged out during this installation

  5. New Features

  6. Mass Update Educational Milestones from Test Scores • A utility has been created that updates a student’s educational milestones based on TWASL and THSPE test scores, using the same logic as the Washington Transcript. • WS/OF/CA/EM/PS/UT/Mass Update Student Educational Milestones from Test Scores • Create/updates L3-L4 Math, Writing, Reading and Science Milestones • Creates/updates the CAA Milestone

  7. Printer Friendly New - Create Printer Friendly Display of This Browse

  8. Preferences New option ‘Homepage Button Highlight Color’ allows users to have a different color highlighting the button selected then the Color Display Option.

  9. Student Locator The Student Locator is now on all screens. Use this to locate the student’s current class, teacher, room number and extension. The Student Locator has been added as a small icon on screens that hide the tool bar.

  10. Print Queue Realize you can use the ‘X Back’ to go back to work, you don’t have to watch the screen.

  11. Print Queue When the ‘EYE’ icon displays the report is ready to view.

  12. Gradebook – Term Grade Average Display Teachers can not display the Term Grade Average in their gradebook. Using Display Options-Assignment Display

  13. Class Display Options Teachers can customize the Class Summary Display by selecting any of the new Display Options.

  14. Quick Print Added Several Places Attendance Health Current Scheduling Discipline Health

  15. More Quick Print Test Scores Grading Transcript Graduation Requirements

  16. Option to Purge Emails Product Setup Tab\PS\SA\EH Option to remove email from email log based on number of days to keep.

  17. Teacher – Super User Employee Access Tab Secured If you use the Super User for a Teacher, you can no longer see their Employee Access Tab. A message is displayed if you try.

  18. Super User Log Skyward now tracks who, when and what user they logged in as. This tracks Teacher Super User, Employee Super User and Secured Super User.

  19. Scheduled Tasks

  20. What is a Scheduled Task? Scheduled Task is a way to automatically generate reports, run utilities, or procedures based on a user defined schedule. Any job in the print queue can be set to run on a specific schedule.

  21. How will scheduled task help me? What reports or utilities do you run regularly? • Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Specific Day (of the Week, Month, or Year) • Daily Attendance Report Lunch Survey Report • Unrecorded Class Attendance Discipline Reports • Attendance Letters Update, Attendance Letters • Athletic Grade Checking • Mass Delete Grades By Grade Bucket (clear the ATH bucket) • Progress Reports • Monthly Special Ed Case Load Report • Mass Update Term Attendance Totals • Term and Semester Grading Reports • Count Day Reports

  22. Step One Create a Print Queue Job To schedule a task, we must get the job listed in our Print Queue. Start by making a template for a report or utility.

  23. Step Two My Print Queue When the job is completed, be sure to view the report. The scheduled task will ‘capture’ the template settings used to create this specific job. If you want to change the template settings, you will have to run the job again.

  24. Schedule This Step Three When you are satisfied with the report, select Schedule This from your Print Queue. The screen below appears.

  25. Schedule ThisTask Information Step Three Task Status: Active or Inactive Task Description: The report name and template names are defaulted. Add more description as needed. Start Date/End Date: The first day and last day to run the task. Start Time: The time the task will be released to the print queue.

  26. Scheduled TasksDay(s) of the Week Step Three Day(s) of the week: Select the days you want the task to run.

  27. Scheduled Tasks(3) Month Choices Step Three Occurrence(s) of the day in the month (1-5): This option allows you to select the day of the week and which week it happens in the month. Example: First and Third Monday Specific day of the month (1-31): Select the exact date you want the task to run each month. Week(s) of the month (1-6): Select the week of the month you want the task to run. Example: Monday the first full week of March.

  28. Scheduled TasksMonths of the year Step Three Check the boxes for each month you want the task scheduled.

  29. Scheduled TasksAdditional Export Options Step Three Email Results To: Enter valid email addresses here. String several email addresses separating with a semi-colon. Export Location: The export location must be accessible by the print queue server. It cannot be a directory on your computer. Currently reports must be saved in the Citrix environment. Your location will look something like this: \\ESD###-prog-01\district(districtnumber)\Export\foldername\filename.pdf NOTE: Files will be overwritten each time the task runs, there is only one file name. Test Export Location: Use this button to test exporting your report. The test actually runs in the Print Queue.

  30. Scheduled TasksAdditional Export Options Step Three Export Location: The export location is in the Citrix environment. On the Citrix Desktop Select the ‘Computer Icon’ Find the export X: Drive Create your own folder in this location to keep you reports orderly.

  31. Scheduled TasksManagement Your Tasks • The tasks scheduled by you are your tasks. • Users with security to All Tasks will also be able to manage your tasks. • Use Scheduled Tasks button in My Print Queue • Edit your tasks • Delete your tasks • Run Now to run them immediately • Remember, the task captures the report template at the time of creation. If you are not getting the information you need, you must delete the task, create the template you need and schedule if from My Print Queue.

  32. Monitor This Monitoring Tasks Your Tasks Monitor This works the same way as Scheduled This, except you can only configure Scheduled Tasks to run once a day. You can configure a Monitor Task to run multiple times a day (every 60 minutes, for example) by using the Frequency setting.

  33. District Tasks All Scheduled Tasks Not everyone will have access to this area. But those with access can manage all tasks.

  34. All Scheduled Tasks District Tasks Notice there are many Scheduled Tasks with the User Name “Skyward”. These processes run for system maintenance and to meet the configuration needs – Be careful not to delete or change them.

  35. All Scheduled Tasks District Tasks • Users with Access to District Scheduled Tasks • Edit, Delete, Run Now, Clone ANY Task • Ask users to be descriptive, so you understand why the task has been scheduled.

  36. All Scheduled Tasks District Tasks Users with Access to District Scheduled Tasks get some additional options. Don’t Start After stops a queued job from running if it has not started by the Don’t Start After time.

  37. All Scheduled Tasks District Tasks Another additional option is the Run After. Use this option when you have a string of Scheduled Tasks that need to be run in a specific order. When you select the Run After hyperlink, you are presented with the available Scheduled Tasks. Clear removes the listed task.

  38. Scheduled Tasks Considerations Suggestions Basic User Security is granted in Web Student Management\WS\PQ\ST

  39. Scheduled Tasks Considerations Suggestions • Templates and Tasks • Put ‘Owners’ Last Name or Initials in Description. • Put Entity Number in Description and Date. • Remember the Task is only as good as the Template, • if your Template changes – Delete and RESCHEDULE the Task. • Scheduling • Avoid scheduling during busy Skyward printing times. • Scheduled Tasks will not process during Skyward Release times so avoid Saturday. • Many report templates are school year specific. Review all of your scheduled tasks at the end of the school year. Consider deleting or inactivate them.

  40. Scheduled Tasks Considerations Suggestions • Emailing Results • Notify the end recipient – Before Scheduling. • Don’t over use. Reports will be available in My Print Queue for at least two days. • Export Location • Must be a folder in the CITRIX environment. • REMEMBER – the tasks you schedule belong to you, manage them with care.

  41. Grad Requirements Report

  42. Grad Requirements Report Prior to running the report, a utility must be run to load the information to the reporting area - Click here to choose only Active students, or the utility will run for a long time! Path – Office/Curriculum and Assessments/Grade Req/Utilities/Create Crystal Grad Requirement Table

  43. Grad Requirements Report • The report pulls in data from several areas: • Graduation Requirements • WASL/HSPE scores • Educational Milestones • Math Courses Path – Student/Reports/Quick Pick Reports - Grading

  44. Grad Requirements Report There are several parameters that must be selected in order for the report to work correctly – school and sort options 1 2 3

  45. Grad Requirements Report There are several parameters that must be selected in order for the report to work correctly – Grad Year options 4 5

  46. Grad Requirements Report There are several parameters that must be selected in order for the report to work correctly – Student Range options 6 7 8

  47. Grad Requirements Report There are several parameters that must be selected in order for the report to work correctly – Math Course options 9 10

  48. Grad Requirements Report There are several parameters that must be selected in order for the report to work correctly – Educational Milestone and Grad Req options 11 12 Click here when all selections are (finally!) made

  49. Grad Requirements Report There are several parameters that must be selected in order for the report to work correctly - Note the “Last Updated” date – this will show you how recent the data is, based on the date the utility in the first slide was run. The Math Credits area shows you Math classes and grades taken after the student’s 10th grade year