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NuVal TM Nutrition Made Simple PowerPoint Presentation
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NuVal TM Nutrition Made Simple

NuVal TM Nutrition Made Simple

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NuVal TM Nutrition Made Simple

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  1. NuValTMNutrition Made Simple

  2. What is NuVal? • NuValTM is a nutritional scoring system that summarizes nutritional information into a single score from 1-100. • NuValTM is an independent, scientifically-based system. • NuValTM provides individuals with the ability to make well-informed nutritional choices, one food at a time.

  3. Scoring NuValTM nutritional scoring system considers more than 30 nutrients and evaluates the dietary importance of each to determine a nutritional quality score for each food. The Concept is Simple: The HIGHER the score, the HIGHER the nutritional value.

  4. How ? • NuVal ™ Nutritional Scoring System considers more than 30 nutrients and evaluates the dietary importance of each to determine a nutritional quality score for each food. • The score is calculated using formulas to weigh food nutrition value for both favorable and unfavorable nutrients. Then the good nutrients are divided by the less favorable nutrients to achieve the NuValTm score.

  5. How? ÷

  6. What NuValTM does not do? • The NuValTM Nutritional Scoring System does not identify foods as “good” or “bad.” It simply helps individuals make educated and informed food choices. • Individuals will still need to take into consideration serving size, food restrictions, and special dietary needs when making food choices.

  7. Who? NuValTM was developed by a team of renowned top nutritional experts from leading universities and health organizations, chaired by Dr. David Katz, Director and Co-Founder of Yale University-Griffin Hospital Prevention Research Center. Dr. David Katz, Yale University School of Medicine

  8. Confusion? Most customers know they should eat more nutritious foods but they find package labels difficult and time consuming to read, confusing and sometimes misleading.

  9. Why? • Food City has implemented NuValTM because of the excellent opportunity to do something good for individuals • NuValTM scoring helps eliminate confusion over current nutritional information on food packages.

  10. Nutritional Knowledge Quiz Q. Which one of these products is the more nutritious choice?

  11. Nutritional Knowledge Quiz A. Regular Jif Creamy

  12. Let’s Investigate NuValTM Score

  13. Where? • Shelf tags Note: Not every item will have a NuValTMscore.

  14. Where? • Additional information can be obtained • • • • Twitter (@NuVal and @DrDavidKatz)

  15. When? • The NuValTm nutritional scoring system has rolled out in all Food City stores!

  16. Who to contact if you have additional questions? *Jessica Gourley, Registered Dietitian (276)623-5100 ext. 5728 * NuVal: experts@nuval.comwill reply to emails within 3 days

  17. Thank You!