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Outstanding Exhibition Stand Designers in Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Outstanding Exhibition Stand Designers in Dubai

Outstanding Exhibition Stand Designers in Dubai

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Outstanding Exhibition Stand Designers in Dubai

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  1. Exhibition Stand Designers & Suppliers EXHIBITION STAND

  2. An exhibition stand is one of the most effective ways in communicating to prospective customers the quality of the products on sale and it also helps create a brand image by capturing the attention of consumers.

  3. Choosing the right exhibition stand would make all the difference in creating the right impression amongst prospective customers.

  4. The different kinds of exhibition stands are: Single Side Open Exhibition stands Three Side Open Exhibition stands Two said Open Exhibition Stands Walk through Exhibition Stands Island Exhibition Stands Multi level Exhibition Stands

  5. The single side open stands offer a lot of space for the display of products and graphics. • This type of stand provides enough space for the display of products and the aisle in the middle of the stand allows visitors to view all products of display. • Usually, this kind of exhibition stand comes with a small sitting area for meetings. Single Side Open Exhibition Stand

  6. A two side exhibition stand does not have a lot of space for the display of products. • But the advantage of a two side stand is that it is set up at the intersection of two aisles and therefore can easily attract a lot of visitors. 2 Side Open Exhibition Stand

  7. 3 Sides Open Exhibition Stand • A three side open stand is an ideal stand for smaller places and visitors get to walk in from three sides while your products are on display on the wall. • This kind of an exhibition stands usually gets many visitors but the place available for the display of your products is limited.

  8. WALK THROUGH EXHIBITION STAND • A Walk through Exhibition Stand offers a lot of space for visitors and the sales team would have enough space to speak to visitors. • These stands have two side walls and provide ample space for the display of products.

  9. An Island exhibition stand would help you create the impression that your brand is a well renowned brand and it would be the ideal exhibition stand if you have a wide variety of products to display. Island Exhibition Stand

  10. A multi level stand provides abundant space for the display of products as it has an additional floor. • Visitor’s normally associate multi level exhibition stands with the reputation of the brand. • These stands are costly and difficult to construct but would be ideal to create a brand image among prospective customers. Multi Level Exhibition Stand

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