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Bauxite Llano Cordillera Campesino Altiplano Paramo selva PowerPoint Presentation
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Bauxite Llano Cordillera Campesino Altiplano Paramo selva

Bauxite Llano Cordillera Campesino Altiplano Paramo selva

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Bauxite Llano Cordillera Campesino Altiplano Paramo selva

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  1. South AmericaVocabularyChapter 12-13* Get out your notes and begin defining the following words from chapter 13. • Estuary • Piedmont • Pampas • gaucho Bauxite Llano Cordillera Campesino Altiplano Paramo selva

  2. Let’s Travel to South America

  3. Venezuela Suriname Colombia Guyana French Guiana There are 5 Northern Coast countries:

  4. Venezuela Suriname Colombia Guyana French Guiana Ecuador Peru Chile There are 3 Pacific Coast countries:

  5. Venezuela Suriname Colombia Guyana French Guiana Ecuador Peru Brazil Chile Uruguay Argentina There are 3 Atlantic Coast countries:

  6. Venezuela Suriname Colombia Guyana French Guiana Ecuador Peru Brazil Bolivia Paraguay Chile Uruguay Argentina There are 2 land-locked countries:

  7. We will study South America’s • Environment • Government • Economy • History

  8. The environment of South America

  9. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest on Earth, covering 1.2 billion acres.

  10. The Amazon River is the 2nd-longest river on earth

  11. The rivers and streams in the Amazon basin account for 20% of the world’s fresh water.

  12. The Amazon also provides 20% of the world’s oxygen.

  13. Cleared for agriculture. Deforestation is threatening the Amazon. If current rates are continued, the rainforest could be gone in 50 years.

  14. The top two causes of deforestation:

  15. Settlers often learned the hard way that the only thing keeping the river from eroding the banks was the very vegetation they cleared to build there.

  16. The Andes Mountains run parallel to the Pacific Coast through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

  17. The Andes are the tallest mountain range outside of Asia.

  18. Between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean lies the coastal valley – where ¾ of the population of Chile lives.

  19. Many Indians practice subsistence farming or herd llamas and alpacas in the Andean highlands.

  20. Paraguay, Uruguay and parts of Argentina and Brazil occupy what is known as the southern grasslands, or pampas.

  21. Patagonia is the area south of the pampas in Argentina and Chile, and is desolate and cold with rich deposits of oil.

  22. Patagonia

  23. Patagonia

  24. The driest place on earth is in northern Chile. It is… The Atacama Desert

  25. The government of South America

  26. South American governments have long been known for their instability and rule by military dictators. Juan Domingo Peron - Argentina

  27. Due in part to the philosophies and spirit of Simon Bolivar (who helped liberate much of South America from the Spanish),

  28. South American countries have fought for (and mostly gained) political freedom and a more democratic style of government. What country was named after this guy?

  29. The economies of South America

  30. World’s 8th largest economy • 64th in terms of per capita GDP • Very diverse economy (agriculture, manufacturing, service industries, forestry) • Expected to become major producer of petroleum. • World’s third largest aircraft producer. Brazil

  31. Venezuela • Currently led by Hugo Chavez. • The U.S. recognized a coup that tried to unseat Chavez in 2002. Since then, relations between Venezuela and the U.S. have been very poor. • Venezuela must import food. • The most popular sport in Venezuela is baseball.

  32. Argentina • Argentina’s once large middle class has slowly been in decline since the Great Depression. • In 2002 their economy essentially collapsed and they defaulted on loans. • The economy has improved since then, but inflation is very high. • Corruption in business and government is considered a problem. • Drug trafficking and money laundering are part of their corruption problems.

  33. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of… sugar.

  34. Venezuela is one of the top 10 producers of… oil in the world.

  35. Brazil and Colombia are the top 2 exporters of… coffee in the world.

  36. Ecuador’s most important export is… oil.

  37. Paraguay’s economy is based on… agriculture.

  38. Uruguay’s economy is based on… livestock and related products.

  39. Guyana is the world’s largest exporter of… bauxite, which is used to make...

  40. The wealthiest country in South America is… Argentina.

  41. The largest city in South America is… Sao Paulo, Brazil

  42. with a population of over… 20,000,000 people

  43. There are 3 South American cities with over 12 million residents… Sao Paulo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina

  44. There are 2 American cities with over 12 million residents. Los Angeles City of New York

  45. The history of South America

  46. The Inca were a South American Indian people who ruled one of the largest and richest empires in the Americas.

  47. Conquered by Francisco Pizarro in the 1530’s, the Incan empire lasted less than 100years.

  48. Fernão de Magalhães, or Ferdinand Magellan, was the first man to lead an expedetion to circumnavigate the globe.

  49. This was accomplished by sailing around the tip of South America. In honor of the accomplish-ment, this water has been named the Strait of Magellan.

  50. As notas estão acabados! The notes are finished!