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Philadelphia Zoo Education Ambassador Internship PowerPoint Presentation
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Philadelphia Zoo Education Ambassador Internship

Philadelphia Zoo Education Ambassador Internship

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Philadelphia Zoo Education Ambassador Internship

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  1. Philadelphia ZooEducation Ambassador Internship Andrew Nolan Life Sciences Scholars – BSCI258 Summer 2004

  2. General Information • Philadelphia Zoo has several internship opportunities, with the Education Ambassadors focused on education • Internships run throughout year, with most help being needed during the summer season • Education Ambassadors attend to numerous educational duties, not just one particular area Fellow Intern Anthony at Squirrel Monkey Tree

  3. Animal Care and Handling • Interns assist in the care of more than 60 animals in the education collection • Primarily reptiles and amphibians • Responsibilities include feeding, cleaning, and keeping track of medical records • Trained in specific animal handling techniques Dumeril’s Ground Boa from Madagascar at about 6’ long

  4. Live Reptile Shows • Formal presentation with live animals in front of an audience • Present the different types of reptiles on stage with a microphone • Differentiate between the types of reptiles and what makes a reptile a reptile • Interactive with audience • Interns responsible for safe handling Rhonda the Radiated Tortoise

  5. Reptile Exercise Yard • Informal exhibit where several education reptiles are placed throughout the day to be in a simulated natural habitat, rather than their off-exhibit homes • Interns watch the reptiles and inform visitors about the specific species on exhibit • Interns responsible for safe handling and transportation Myself in the Reptile Exercise Yard with Dumeril’s Ground Boa

  6. PECO Jungle Trek: Seasonal Exhibit • Seasonal interactive exhibit where most of an intern’s time was spent • Located in the Primate Conservation Center, with a focus on primates • Interactive children’s activities manned by interns • Interactive shows and stunts performed by paid actors • Interns, along with paid staff, interpreted all animal exhibits within Jungle Trek, including Squirrel Monkeys, Gorillas, Black and White Ruffed Lemurs, Spectacled Langurs, Orangutans, Golden-Headed Lion Tamarins, Golden Lion Tamarins, Sifakas, and Gibbons

  7. Golden Lion Tamarin Exhibit • Interns staff a barrier-free exhibit of the Golden Lion Tamarins, monitoring interactions between the animal and the visitors • Golden Lion Tamarins only live in trees, and therefore will not go onto the ground • Located in a set “island” of trees so the Tamarins are incapable of leaping off into the zoo further • Return inside their exhibit off hours because they know it is a source of food and water, and also because they are territorial • Even though the Tamarins most likely won’t wander far, the staff must be ever watchful • Tamarins contain a radio-tracking device located around their neck Mother and Baby Golden Lion Tamarin on Tree Outside Exhibit

  8. Animal Monitoring, Interpretation, and Talks • Interns also interpret “Tortoise Trail” where on display are Galapagos Tortoises and Aldabra Tortoises, explaining behavior and other specific details about the species • Interns monitor certain exhibits and record observation; a key being the Giant River Otter newborn • Interns initiate informal talks with guests about the Giant River Otters, Humboldt Penguins, Elephants, and Echidnas Newborn Giant River Otter Jumping in Pool with Parents Behind

  9. Diamondback Terrapin Rescue • Populations of these animal have been declining due to loss of habitat, commercial crab trapping, and automobile deaths while in search of nest areas • In conjunction with Richard Stockton College and the Wetlands Institute, the Philadelphia Zoo is raising hatchlings to be returned to their natural habitat, the New Jersey wetlands • Interns care for animals, maintain water quality, keep accurate records, and assist in the release when the turtles are ready in Stone Harbor, NJ Baby Terrapin Ready for Release at Stone Harbor, NJ in My Hand

  10. Pertinent Animals Squirrel Monkey Diamondback Terrapin Spectacled Langur Black and White Ruffed Lemur

  11. Philadelphia Zoo • Interning at the Philadelphia Zoo was probably the best internship for me and also the best way to spend my summer. I met so many new friends and learned so much information about animals that I can use to further my education. • Continued……. Summer 2005 (I’m paid staff!)