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Grant Writing Tips

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Grant Writing Tips

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Grant Writing Tips

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  1. So You Want to Write a Grant? Grant Writing Tips

  2. Grant Writing Tips “It’s easier to find funding for a great idea than to find an idea for great funding” - Author Unknown

  3. Grant Writing Tips Need v. Solution Need: an underlying deficiency, something that students or a community are lacking. Eg. Low achievement scores, access to technology, etc. Solution: the program or materials that will be used to address the underlying need. Eg. Enhanced curriculum, computers, etc.

  4. Grant Writing Tips Identifying Need Analyze Your Data: District/School/Classroom-level Data - Test Scores, Student Growth, Benchmarks, Attendance, Free/Reduced Lunch Eligibility, etc Surveys of Students/Families/Teachers Student Behavior Parent/Guardian Education Level Census Data Don’t just assume you know the root need Be sure to save your data so you can document it in an application

  5. Grant Writing Tips Ideas to Meet the Need After identifying your need, brainstorm what programs, projects, or materials would help you address that need? Look to where the need is pointing, not just what you want to do or is the latest and greatest fad in education.

  6. Grant Writing Tips Project Preparation Concept: How does this program fit into the TPS School Board Priorities? How does this program fit into the priorities of the funding agency? Narrative: Outline a brief description of the project, anticipated goals /evaluative pieces, and staffing/volunteer needs. Budget: Sketch out a rough budget estimating total project costs.

  7. Grant Writing Tips What is a Grant? A grant is support, generally financial, that helps an individual, group, agency, or entity carry out projects that promote the priorities of the funder. The grantseeker’s job is to find the funder whose vision for helping the world matches their project.

  8. Grant Writing Tips Golden Rule of Grants The man with the “gold” makes the rules. Remember, if your goals do not match the priorities and vision of the funder, your project is unlikely to get funded.

  9. Grant Writing Tips Funding Research Finding funding for a project can be time-consuming. Look carefully and be flexible. Check out the TPS Grant Opportunities. Web search for “classroom grants.”

  10. Grant Writing Tips Grant Application Approval Package Once a funding source has been identified and you plan to prepare an application, be sure to secure approval from your principal/supervisor and the TPS Grant Writer. District policy states that you must submit a signed Grant Application Approval Package to the TPS Grant Development Office for every application.

  11. Grant Writing Tips Components of a Grant Proposal Statement of Need: Describe the facts and data about your program/school/classroom that demonstrate your need for this project. Organization Background Information: District/school/classroom demographics, annual budgets, partners, etc. Project Description: Tell the story of exactly what your project will look like with as much detail as possible. How many students? What will they do?

  12. Grant Writing Tips Components of a Grant Proposal Objectives/Goals: How much will your students improve their academic/physical/ artistic, etc achievement? How many more hours will they spend in project activity? Evaluation: Specifically identify what data you will collect and analyze to measure achievement of your objectives/goals.

  13. Grant Writing Tips Components of a Grant Proposal Budget: Tell them in detail how you will spend every cent of their money. e.g., 10 boxes of crayons @ $1.00 = $10.00 5 packs of paper @ $0.50 = $2.50 5 packs of stickers @ $0.50 = $2.50 Total = $15.00 Be as accurate as possible. Many funders will not allow you to make changes. Be sure to check for items/services that they will not fund. Be sure to include incidental charges such as shipping/handling, employee benefits, etc.

  14. Grant Writing Tips Grant Writing Resources TPS Grant Development Office– contact for free grant writing workshops eHow Grants For Teachers The Eighth Floor – check the schedule for free grant writing courses Grant Writing for Dummies SchoolGrants Non-Profit Guides

  15. Grant Writing Tips Post-Award Processes Notify TPS Grant Writer Send copies of all award notifications and official funder correspondence to the TPS Grant Writer Do NOT spend any money until a TPS Budget Analyst has been assigned to the grant and they have approved the purchase Work closely with the assigned Budget Analyst and Grant Management Administrator to ensure proper expenditures and required reporting to the funder Send a thank you note to foundational funders, with a copy sent to the TPS Grant Writer – required by TPS Board Policy 5803

  16. Grant Writing Tips TPS Grant Development Office Rochelle Klein, Grant Writer Tulsa Public Schools Education Service Center, Room 413 3027 S. New Haven Ave. Tulsa, OK 74114 918-746-6830 TPS Grant Development Office Subscribe to the monthly Grant Opportunities email