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Level Up

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Level Up

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  1. Level Up Everything you wanted to know about the GWRRA Rider Education Levels Program, But were afraid to ask Welcome ! Level Up

  2. OUR SLOGAN: “Safety Is For Life” OUR MISSION: To Save Lives Through Quality, World Class Education Levels Program

  3. Overview: What is the Levels program How does it benefit the members The mechanics The levels Safe Miles High Mileage Masters Recognition The New Database How do we promote the Levels Program Summary Levels Program

  4. What is the levels program? Intended to make motorcycling safer by: Increasing motorcycle skills through education and training Reduce injuries and fatalities Reduce accident rates Aid in Member retention Levels Program

  5. What are the Benefits to the Members? Increased Rider Knowledge Increased Rider Safety Skills Prevention of Accidents Reduced injuries Reduced fatalities Improved general public image of motorcyclists Enhanced enjoyment of motorcycle riding Levels Program

  6. The ”Mechanics” The LevelsWhat are the specific elements of the Levels ProgramFOUR progressively-achievable levels: Level I – Safety by Commitment Level II – Safety by Education Level III – Safety by Preparedness Level IV – Safety by Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness Levels Program

  7. Levels Program

  8. The “Mechanics” – continued Requirements – Level I Current GWRRA Membership Commitment of the Rider and Co-Rider to strive for, practice, and encourage safe riding. Levels Program

  9. The “Mechanics” – continued Requirements – Level II Current GWRRA Membership Enrolled in Level I of the REP Have 5,000 safe miles on bike Rider: Current M/C endorsement as required in home state/province. Approved on-bike riding course within last 3 years. Levels Program

  10. The “Mechanics” – continued Requirements – Level II (Cont.) :Co-Rider: Approved Two-Up Rider Course, or GWRRA Co-Rider seminar, within past 3 years Levels Program

  11. The “Mechanics” – continued Requirements– Level III • Current GWRRA Membership • Enrolled, and current, in Level II of the REP • Current First Aid, or CPR, or MFA certification • Carry a First Aid kit on motorcycle Levels Program

  12. The “Mechanics” – continued Requirements – Level IV Current GWRRA Membership Enrolled, and current, in Level III for at least one year Current in both First Aid & CPR Minimum 25,000 safe miles Always Wear PROPER RIDING GEAR while riding Levels Program

  13. The “Mechanics” – continued Proper Riding Gear - ATGATT DOT approved helmet Eye protection Full-Fingered gloves Over-the-ankle footwear Long sleeves Long pants (Only cover those parts of the body you wish to use later in life) Levels Program

  14. The “Mechanics” – continued Safe Miles Program: Part of Levels program Accident-free miles since joining GWRRA Revert to ZERO if/when accident occurs Pins available in 5,000 mile increments Rockers available in 100,000 mile increments Levels Program

  15. The “Mechanics” – continued High Mileage: Not Part of Levels program, but administered by Chapter Educators Total miles on ALL bikes, before and after GWRRA Hanger bars available in 50,000 mile increments Levels Program

  16. The “Mechanics” – continued Masters Recognition Program:Level IV Master Tour Riders /Co-RidersWho remain active, and current – 5 years – Senior Master Status 10 years – Grand Master Status 15 years – Life Grand Master Status Levels Program

  17. The “Mechanics” – continued New Rider Ed Database: Track each member’s individual training record, status and history Track each Instructors’ activity: Seminar Presenters Rider Coaches PLP Facilitators MFA Instructor Identify Instructors available within Regions and Districts Levels Program

  18. The “Mechanics” – continued New Rider Ed Database - Continued: Input at District level: N.7 / N.8 Levels Application Form N.10 Levels Update Form Rosters for: Seminars Riding Courses MFA Classes PLP’s. Levels Program

  19. How do we promote the Levels Program N.7 / N/8 Enrollment forms available from:Chapter EducatorsSeminar Presenters Rider Coaches PLP Facilitators MFA Instructors Levels Program

  20. How do we promote the Levels Program – continued N.7 / N/8 Enrollment forms available at - All events where an educational activity might occur such as: • Chapter Gathering • Rally or Convention • Motorist Awareness event Levels Program

  21. SUMMARY:We have discussed: • What is the Levels Program • How does it benefit Members • How Does it work • How do we promote it Levels Program

  22. Levels Program