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Simple Tips To Help Your Furniture Last Longer | Furniture Stores Perth

In this ppt we are sharing some very important points to help your furniture to use last longer. We are sure about these points that will really be helpful for your furniture last longer. Go through this ppt and use those points and do so. Visit Bedworld for best furniture collection.

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Simple Tips To Help Your Furniture Last Longer | Furniture Stores Perth

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  1. Simple Tips That Help Your Furniture Last Longer

  2. Minimal exposure to sunlight One important tip in furniture maintenance is ensuring that wooden furniture isn’t exposed to sunlight for long periods. Prolonged exposure leads to fading of the wood. To avoid this cover the table with good quality cloth, rotate or move the furniture regularly. Adding a window film, thick blinds or curtains also mitigate the harmful sun rays to a good extent. Leather couches must be conditioned regularly to avoid cracking.

  3. Beware of extreme temperatures A very common misadventure we are all of guilty of is placing really hot mugs or cold jars on wooden tables. This invariably leaves a mark on the table. So, taking extra care to avoid such mishaps helps sustain furniture in the long run. Always use coasters or trivets to prevent this type of damage.

  4. Basic dusting and wiping A simple yet right amount of dusting the furniture at home on a weekly basis or even a daily basis makes for a spic and span room. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off the dust from furniture, nooks, and crannies.

  5. Oil and Wax treatments Oil and wax add a protective layer to the furniture thereby improving the look and shine of the piece. However, many people overdo the polish and wax leading to a built-up residue and stripping the wood of its natural finish. A single coat once a year is a great way to restore the furniture. Also, it is very important to ensure the furniture is dusted well before applying any protective layer to it.

  6. Cleaning it right Using warm water with mild soap cleans furniture well. Just make sure the water doesn’t sit on the furniture for long. Wipe off the residual moisture with a dry cloth.

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